Hey. How are you doing? I wish you and your family a very very Happy Diwali. May the Lord give you and your family loads and loads of Happiness.
Diwali also popularly called Deepavali is surely the most celebrated festival in India irrespective of caste, religion and region. Diwali is celebrated by not only the Hindus but also by the Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and many Muslims too. This festival is surely the most favorite one for children as they can burst crackers along with some yummy sweets in new dresses.
First of all I would like to congratulate you for getting an idea to gift something to the visible gods i.e., parents. Without them you are not there. They gifted you life. It is always worth gifting them something of some value within your budget. This article discusses various Diwali gift ideas exclusively for parents in the present times.
1. Diwali Gifts for Parents – Books :  If your parents are older than 45 years, it is an awesome idea to gift them some good books. In the present negative thinking environment, watching television puts more garbage into the people’s minds. Spiritual and Religious books give the utmost personal satisfaction and peace of mind to them at that age. Peace of mind is the best gift you can give to your parents. Books would open minds in different directions. Everyone have some wants which couldn’t achieve in their young age and don’t have energy to do them in old age. These books would help them for soul searching. They would spend more time in reading them, understanding and analyzing them. Click here to see religious and spiritual books available in the market. 
2. Diwali Gifts for Parents – Watches : Time is more important now for your parents. The elder people become, the more they understand the value of time. Watches are not ornaments, they add lot of emotional value. Watches teach lot of things in life. Your parents must already be having their watches. But, it is always beautiful to gift a watch because most people love to wear different varieties of watches especially when they go out. They would like to show that to their friends and explain how and where they bought it. They would feel proud to tell their friends if it is gifted by you . It also increases your reputation in their social circle. It also reminds you frequently whenever they looks at watch for time.
I would recommend you to search for watches online because you can look at hundreds in watch models in few minutes, filter them based on your requirements like price range, brand name, watch type etc. Otherwise, you have to take your vehicle, put fuel, hit the traffic, go shop after shop and spend hours to filter out what you actually want. Click here to check out coolest watches in the market. 
3. Diwali Gifts for Mother – Bags : If you are searching a gift for your mother, a good handbag is a lovely option. Women love handbags. There are many jokes on what and how many tons of things women carry in their handbags. Unlike men, women carry lot of things with them when they go out. Whatever they buy for use when they go out, they keep everything in handbags hence would love to choose a good and long lasting bags. For older women comfort matters more than the fashion. Ensure that you choose a bag which is comfortable for your mother to keep medicines, books, hand towel etc. Your mother also feel it little emotional as women hold their handbags tightly in their shoulders most of the times. Click here to check out some Hand Bags Models. 
4. Diwali Gifts for Parents – Luggage & Travel Accessories : Your parents now have more time to go to pilgrims, relatives and friends places or even for a casual holiday trip. Most people save money in their earning life to save money for their leisure travel in their old age. Hence, it is always a good idea to gift them some good quality luggage or travel accessories which would add some emotional quotient. You can also gift them some travel vouchers if you have enough money. If they don’t have a Strolley Suitcase, gift them one. It adds lot of comfort. Click here to check out some Travel Accessories for your Parents. 
Along with all these gifts please remember that the best ever gift you can give to your parents is your love and affection. Give them some time. Talk to them on what is going on in their minds. They will be more happy for being your parents.

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