You can make good money online if you know well how to market your website. The secret to get high prices while selling websites is to increase their perceived value. Below are some tips to do that.
Tips to Sell Website for Better Price
#1  Domain Name Value : 
Domain name is one of the most valuable aspect in getting good price for the website. The better your domain name suits their need, the better price you can quote. It should preferably mean something and should sound catchy. This is the first thing that most buyers see while buying a website.
Experienced Internet marketers wants to buy domains that are rich in keywords. These are hard to come but if you have such domains you can quote more. These domain names tend to get ranked easily by the search engines. If it is an exact match then you can quote the maximum possible price.
#2  Traffic :
This is what everyone wants from a website. They want traffic. The more traffic you can show, the better price you can quote. It says that your website is popular, has history and is indexed (or can indexed easily) by search engines. Some buyers may be interested in specific categories of the website like Countries, percentage of unique visitors, time spent on site etc.
#3 What is Different?
What is original and unique thing about your website? What are the competitive advantages of your website? Does your website has guest bloggers? Do you provide any tools? The more ‘Yes’ you answer for these questions, the better you can quote.
#4 Revenue:
End of the day everything comes down to this. Whether they are looking for good domain name or traffic or unique content they want all these to generate revenue for themselves. If you website is already monetized and is generating some revenue it can multiply your quoted value many folds. If you don;t have any ads running on your website apply for one at the earliest. You may want to go for Google Adsense as it is the most reliable source of income.

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