Choosing the right OCR Software for your business is very crucial. It will help you in digitizing your physical document. The best OCR software can help you in converting a PDF into a document file to extract text from scanned files. In this article, we are going to talk about the best OCR Software of 2022.

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical character recognition will help you in extracting text from your images. Various modern OCR services and tools are present in the market that you can use for simplifying this task. 

Best OCR Software for 2022

1. Nanonets

Nanonets will help you in eliminating the entire process of manual data entry by using AI. It uses AI for extracting data from images and documents. Your employees will have more time to focus on their tasks. You can use AI for understanding your documents in a few minutes. 

This tool will also help you in extracting data from documents that don’t have a standard template like id cards, medical forms, insurance forms, tax forms, and invoices. 

Features of Nanonets:

  • Nanonets will help you in identifying text through invoices and other data formats. It will fetch the data with more than 95% accuracy.
  • You can validate the data that is extracted from your documents. The AI will keep learning with time. Thus, the accuracy of AI will increase with time.
  • Integrate it with ERPs like Netsuite, Dynamics, Salesforce, MySQL, etc.
  • Capture only the data that you want by using the AI-based OCR.

2. Docsumo 

Docsumo uses intelligent OCR technology for converting unstructured documents like bank statements, pay stubs, and invoices to data. The best thing about this tool is minimal setup is involved in this tool. It is also compatible with every type of file format.

Features of Docsumo

  • OCR can easily identify various invoice layouts with more than 95% accuracy. This high percentage will ensure that there will be a very less margin of error.
  • Pre-trained APIs like IRS forms, identity verification forms, invoices, income, bank statements, and acord forms will help you in reading different documents.
  • Docsumo is the perfect solution for logistics service providers, CRE lenders, and SMB lenders. 
  • You can capture data through HD images and scanned images.

3. Google Doc AI 

Google Doc AI is the most used AI software in the world. This software uses Machine learning for reading your data. It will help you in unlocking important data insights by using ML. Google Doc AI is one of the fastest OCR technologies available in the market. 

Features of Google Doc AI 

  • It can recognize text from even unstructured documents.
  • Google doc supports data formats like GIF, TIFF, and PDF. 
  • It can work on any image quality.
  • Pre-trained APIs will help you in enjoying functionalities like parsers, tools, and software. There is a unified API that you can use. 

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

This tool will help you in extracting text and converting scanned documents into editable documents. If you are looking for a complete PDF solution, then this tool is perfect for you. You can create and edit smart PDFs. It will help you in converting your PDF files to DOC files and JPEG files. 

Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

  • PDF splitter will help you in separating your PDF files into multiple different documents.
  • You can add your own digital signature to documents. 
  • You can convert PDF files into compliant files. 


This tool works well with automated invoice capture. You can use the latest AI technology for extracting information from your data invoices. It will also remove the hassle of constructing new templates for every invoice layout.

Features of

  • provides more than 98% accuracy when it comes it data invoices. Improved efficiency will help you in saving a lot of time and money.
  • It supports various file formats like TIFF, XLS, PNG, PDF, JPEG, and DOC. However, you should ensure that your scanned document is in A4 format.
  • There is no template dependency in 
  • You can use a dedicated AI engine for training the system about your new document type. 

6. Easy Screen OCR 

Easy Screen OCR will help you in converting your images into editable text files. It will help you in capturing screenshots to extract text content.

Features of Easy Screen OCR 

  • It is a free tool where you can extract text from images without creating an account on their platform.
  • It supports more than 100+ languages.
  • It uses the Google learning service for ensuring that your data is secure on the cloud.

7. ABBYY Cloud Reader 

This tool will help you in recognizing a handwritten or fully printed page. It supports more than 200 languages. You can convert your PDF or image file to searchable PDF, excel, and MS word files.

Features of ABBYY Cloud Reader

  • It will help you in recognizing business and receipt cards.
  • You can use it for converting your data into XML files.
  • This tool provides a library for Python, iOS, .NET, and Java. 
  • It supports both desktop PC and mobile devices.

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These OCR solutions will help you in acquiring data from your files. We have included both free and paid tools in this list. You can find the best OCR tool for your business from this list.

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