In the earlier days it used to take lot of time sometimes even couple of decades to establish and attract great business from customers to be renowned as a Business Icon. But now with changing times and available technologies it doesn’t matter how long you are in your field, you can become a business icon if you can deliver. Lets see how you can become such a business icon and the characteristics you need to develop.

Steps to become a Successful Business Magnet

Market Yourself : You certainly need to be good enough in the domain of your business. People buy with a trust on you, not because of the fancy logos or advertisements. You become a brand for themselves before your products. Once you can deliver what they need your business gets a brand. And that brand creates a brand for you like how it happened to Apple.


Be part of the business events, talk to the quality people there.  There are lot of budding entrepreneurs out there – mentor them. You will get respect for sharing the great knowledge you have. They could end up being your best customers later. Learn more on how to do Successful Business Networking.

Remember the words of Robert Kiyosaki : The primary secret of Rich people is they focus on building a network, not educational degrees.

Expand Yourself : Since you already started marketing yourself you can start writing some blogs or books to share your information with a wider range of people and can track your audience. Give ideas. If you are sharing useful information people will start idolizing you and become avid followers. It also gives an opinion that you are there not only for making money but also to help out people grow.

Business Icon Formula : Deliver Value -> Deliver  Trust -> Deliver Product -> Support Customer

Successful Business IconVirtualise : The social media is growing many folds in the recent times. Today’s youth are spending more time online than for direct conversations. Start tweeting, facebooking, blogging and people will start following you like swarms. This helps you in understanding the pulse of the customers – what are they more interested in, where do they buy and what are they disliking.

Keep Going : The most common thing in any business is Failure and the second most common thing is Quitting. You don’t want to be a ‘one movie star’. Rome was not built in one day and hence your legacy too would be. Don’t stop midway afraid of reviews. If you quit, people will loose trust on you. People watch what you are up to and follows you in your next journey.

Personal Habits of Successful Business People :

Value Time – Wake up Early :

Successful people do not waste time. They do not give scope for any interruptions on the way to reach their goal. They have just 24 hours a day like everyone so they want to make the most of that to be ahead of all others. They wake up early and use the most productive hours for adding value to themselves and to the business. Utilize the time effectively and efficiently. Sleep/wake up too late, watching tv for long hours, casual facebooking etc all are hindrances for your success.

Prioritize the Tasks :

Do you work on the tasks the way they come or do you prioritize? Great people know what is important and what is not. They know the difference between “Important” and “Urgent”. Outsource all the non-important tasks to your assistant. For example, you should never think too much on issues like coffee machine not working, send fax to all customers etc. Hire people to help you to do these in the limits of your budget.  Focus on the business. Business once successful gives you hundred times of the money you spent on these non-important tasks.

Learn Continuously :

Never say this is not my field. Have at least basic idea of all the fields related to your business and its operations. It helps you in some or other way. You must read 21 books Before Starting Your Business

Skills of Successful Business People :

Below are some of the most important fields you should be aware of. You need to become an expert in at least 2 of the below fields to become a successful business leader.

Selling : This is very very important. Do not think of becoming a business icon if you think sales is not your cup of tea. Learn it. Practice it. We sell ourselves every single day. Selling is not a crime. The clothes you are wearing now were sold by someone. The computer or mobile you are holding now to read this is sold by someone. Look around your room – every single thing you see right now is manufactured and sold by someone else.

Accounting : Understand the numbers of your business – profits, losses, where the money is going to, from where the money is coming etc. Understand the financial documents. You do not need to understand all the formulas but you still need to have a high level knowledge even if you outsource this.

Investment : Learn to invest. Understand the stock market terminology and clearly understand why you should invest in stock market. Start slowly with little investment. This helps you to think like an investor and later would help you to give better business presentations to investors when you are seeking money for your investors.

Leadership : Leadership does not mean you should be the most intelligent or smartest person in the room. Leaders hire or surround themselves people smarter than themselves. They hire who can do better work than them.

Innovate : “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs. Innovate continuously. Try to show the market something they had never seen or never expected.

Steve Jobs life is the best example. He always dared to try something new even after many failures – in fact disasters. He gained trust that he is not a quitter and made millions of eyes wet after his demise. Google had built many products but they are successful in very few. Most of the others are disasters. Never Quit. Be a Hero.

Your legacy is waiting for you. All the best.

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