It may not sound so realistic for most gadget fanatics, but it seems like it’s really coming to our reality. The TRI or Turing Robotics Industries has given us signs that they are coming real soon with their newest and grandest futuristic phone. The phone is wrapped with scrupulously-manufactured features which may be hard to beat.

Monolith Chanconne, that’s how you get to be used to saying the phone coming from another world. Just by discovering its upcoming features, we are too nervous about knowing how the phone would cost as it’s put on the market in 2018.

What’s In The Box ?

You should not picture this phone as one of the typical iOS or Android as Monolith Chaconne is neither of them. It’s OS is going to be customized by the Turing company with their Artificial Intelligence OS named Swordfish with a “Running Neural Network (RNN)”. It will learn about your life. It will understand you using Natural Language Processing, predict and anticipate your pattern and teach you to live a better life.

We understand that the phone’s manufacturer is a real serious company, but what is this stuff? What do they intend to show the world with the jaw-dropping announcement? It’s probably too early to comment on their OS plan, so let’s just sit and wait.

In addition, inside the phone, you are likely to notice Turing’s commitment to presenting us a phone with powerful capacity. We are notified that Monolith Chaconne would perform on 18GB RAM and 1.2TB total internal storage.  That’s unbearably super huge, which is why Turing also supports their upcoming hit with three processors from Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 and 100Wh battery capacity built up from three power source graphene and hydrogen.

Not only that, as if Turing is able to foresee humans’ crave over technology, they bring their phone with 3840×2160 pixels display, 60MP rear camera and 20MP dual camera, plus flexibility to IMAX 6K recording. What do you say?

Extra Feature :

Turing brings down a mystery together with their announcement about the phone release. It’s an out something called A.L.A.N which is unfortunately still unknown. We’re giving it all to you to make assumptions of what it would possibly turn out. After all, we’re just going to wait and see.

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