Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon India

The internet has made many things simpler for example communication, banking and even shopping. The web has allowed the development on Online businesses which sell products to a globally target audience. Today clothes, technology, beauty products, home furniture even food can be purchased through Web. Online home furniture stores will also be increasing in popularity, […]

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Oracle SQL and PLSQL with Performance Tuning Training

Oracle SQL and PLSQL skills are a must for any Oracle database developer today. Furthermore, because of the standard nature of the SQL language syntax, one can use these skills even for working with a MS SQL Server database as well.   Additionally, there is a huge demand for Oracle SQL and PLSQL skills in […]

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Top 20 Success Secrets

  1. Always be open minded. Only an open parachute is useful. 2. Be an inspiration to your children and your friends. 3. Money cannot buy everything. But it surely can buy things that you can gift your lovable ones. 4. Have a photo of your dream. Paste it on your refrigerator to see it […]

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Oracle SQL Interview Questions

1. How to get the running Oracle version?  Ans : select * from v$version;  2. How to get the time zone under which the DB is running? Ans: select dbtimezone from dual;  SQL> select dbtimezone from dual;   DBTIME —— +00:00   3. When an user process fails for any reason, which background process cleans […]

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eCommerce Best Practices – Get Rid of Dead Stock

How to get rid of dead stock?Over stocked product inventory is a common problem for any retailer. It not only increases your operation costs like warehouse but also drives you into severe depression if they don’t get sold. So how does one get rid of them? The key is to get them sold, without making […]

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Generating Great Wealth through Positive Money Mindset

Money doesn’t grow on trees. How many times have your heard of this statement? May be few hundred times depending on the kind of environment you are grown up. These kind of statements comes from a conservative mindset.  Money is viewed in different perspectives ranging from an extreme wealth being an ultimate goal to a […]

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Business Networking – An Introduction & Top 6 Success Secrets

  Business networking can be defined as a Socio-Economic activity  through which like-minded business people create, share, recognize and act up on business opportunities. A business network also is a social network but differs in the purpose of existence – business activity.  It is about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship which can help in getting […]

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Network Marketing FAQs

  1. What is the Difference between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) ?  Though most people don’t agree this, there is a minute difference between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing. In Network Marketing, the company pays the distributor a percentage of profits it made because of the turnover he helped the company […]

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Billionaires Behind Facebook

Facebook is a sensation in social media. With over 527 million daily users and a total of over 900 million active users, Facebook is now available in 70 languages.Over 300 million photos are being uploaded every single day to the site. Hence, Facebook has become a real money making machine for many people especially for […]

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