Despite the nation’s economic turbulences, which are not really a strange thing to hear and experience by those living there, American’s job market and economy are still pretty appealing. There is a very broad range of reasons of how it is possible. Yet, job seekers and even investors should try to investigate or at least know what is lying beneath the surface.

So far, this year, the government claims a rapid growth in their employment rate, which can also indicate a gradual decrease in the number of the nation’s unemployment. It is certainly looking good on the surface since we would mostly think that it is easier for job seekers to get employed.

However, what most people see might not be something truly happening inside. A number of economists find that the US’s job market growth does not indicate economic development, for in fact, there are more people experiencing lower income as one of the recession’s effects.

For instance, there is a drastic depression on the number of employment who worked in manufacturing sectors. As a replacement, retail industries are growing more rapidly, in which lower income is offered to the workers. In that case, you can say unemployment is decreased, but it does not mean people’s better prosperity.

Yet, there is something we need to highlight and praise for. Ups and downs in the economic sector, including what is happening to the nation’s labor force, are common; and the US has pretty good experiences to resolve their issues. Consequently, the country can rise up from the latest recession a couple of years ago and manage to keep the progressive growth.

It should be more comprehensively analyzed to judge whether or not they deserve to be called as a powerful country. Yet, what we can witness on the surface is that their economic sector is growing strongly, and we can probably say that they have given much effort to bring back their money to where they belong.

The capability to work for that impressive growth is undeniably attractive for job seekers out there. There are still so many people from foreign countries have a strong willingness to expand their business to the country, which is why people looking for jobs will always be there, waiting in line to submit their application.

To sum up, the country, so far, still got enough guts to survive from economic turbulences, such as the way they resolve their unemployment rate, which is why most people would still gladly seek jobs from the country’s employers.

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