Surely this must have been saddening and disappointing iPhone customers in India, knowing that the money they have saved for months still cannot buy for an iPhone whose price is drastically increased. It has happened quite recently in India market, which is presumably affected by the unexpected weak sales of the latest iPhone SE.

The newest product of iPhone which is expected to reach a broader market, particularly in India, does not seem to give the company what they want. So far, it is approximately counted that only 1,000 pieces of iPhone SE have been sold. The phone was launched at Rs 39,000, which is, in fact, more costly than iPhone 6S.

You may now wonder about what iPhone SE got in its handset, the possible things that can make this chain of events happened. Well, in general, the system is run by iOS 9.0 and Dual-Core 1.8 GHz. The phone display’s resolution is 1136 x 640 pixels with 4” IPS LCD. The 12mp-front camera is given with approximately total weight as much as 113 gr.

One of the most noticeable differences, compared to iPhone 6S and even iPhone 6S Plus is on the SE series’ display size. It is pretty small, among today’s smartphone market, while people are getting much more interested in wider display. So, you may assume that it is the phone’s real flaw.

Additionally, how does it affect the other iPhone’s sales? As what you have read previously, iPhone SE was launched at a higher price than iPhone 6S sold in India. Why do you think we have to buy a phone with ‘less’ feature if we can have more with lower price?

That’s pretty logical to assume. And the fact that Apple’s iPhone SE is not really accepted by Indian market makes the company raise the pricing level of other iPhone series to an illogical level, as most Indian customers try to complain.

iPhone 5S which is previously at Rs 18,000 levels up to Rs 22,000, iPhone 6 from Rs 31,000 to Rs 40,000 and iPhone 6S from Rs 40,500 to Rs 48,000. Now you may be able to imagine how shocked Indian customers to the iPhone latest pricing levels which could end up in the company’s poorer sales now and later.

If Apple cannot find the best answer for this issue, as soon as possible, we may still hear more complaints from their loyal customers in the Southern Asia country.

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