There is nothing so special about the iPhone 7 that people should spend $700 – $800 on buying it. There are many reasons for it, which you will come to know as you go through this article where we will elaborate the reasons why you should not go for this phone. As you all know that this is a product of Apple – the electronic super brand which has given some of the best laptops and mobiles of this century. But unfortunately the iPhone 7 does not fulfill expectations so here are the reasons listed for you.

  • Same Design

Well all the lovers of the iPhone series were waiting for something new this time. But somehow the company disappointed them by launching the same shape and design of the covers and the outlook of the phone. Well a phone’s appearance needs to be different so that people recognize it. You may be holding an iPhone 7 and people will think it is iPhone 6 which is cheaper than that. Most people including you and me buy iPhone to show off a super latest brand to friends and others. iPhone is a status symbol for many people.

  • Same Resolution

The same 4.7 inches display that has a resolution of 750×134, the SOC is powered by Quad core A10. With 12 megapixels back or primary camera and a 7 megapixel front camera. The RAM and a normal mah battery which is same as its previous models no change at all. All these specifications are found in the lower models as well then why will someone buy something that is so very expensive and does not give any.

  • Same memory capacity

This comes with the same 256GB/128GB and 32 GB internal memory which is also there in the other phones as well. They could have bettered this at least as the counterparts are bringing in much more powerful and high memory capacity mobiles in the market every day. There are cheaper alternatives that also possess the same memory as this phone so this stands as a huge reason why one should not go for iPhone 7.

  • No extra earphone slot

Well this is the biggest disadvantage of this phone as there is only one slot that can be used for charging and listening songs. Well practically no one would like to use a mobile where they cannot listen to music while the charging is going on. Most of us just put on the phone on charge and connect it to the sound system and relax after a busy day. But with this phone it’s impossible as there is only one slot for both. Overuse of this slot will break the pins inside and cause trouble. This is the biggest drawback of the phone.

  • Delicate Body

The iPhone 7 body is not scratch resistant at all; any small mistake and you will see a scratch on the body. This means that you cannot take it in your pockets or purses; you need to keep holding it or buy a total separate case or carrier for it so that it does not get scratched which is again an extra expense on you, after you already bought such an expensive phone?

  • Home Button

The home button makes the phone look even more similar to the previous models as it has been in the same place. The structure remains same of the mobile as well as the buttons and the slots so in total there is nothing new in the functional and structural part of the mobile.

  • Price

The most pinching fact about the iPhone 7 is its price which is too high and on the other hand is without any special feature so the point here is why someone will spend more than $700 to buy a simple thing.

Conclusion :

You are the buyer so you decide for yourself what suites you the most. Choose the best and leave the rest being a sensible buyer. If you ask my personal choice – I would not buy.

By admin