The Smartphone replaced the PC in the digital world, the main reason behind this is that a Smartphone is cheaper then everything and it is easily available in the market but now this story is changing due to Smartphone’s death, but still new innovations are coming to make Smartphone into life again. For example the iPhone is moving to its seventh birthday now, the Samsung galaxy series is almost four and aren’t generating the same levels of excitement they once did that’s why they are dying.

Companies are now adding life to these Smart phones again such as wearable and smart digital watches. In fact this is shame, instead of solving the Smartphone’s problems they are just selling more stuff.

We should escape from black mirrors now by converting those to Curved and foldable displays and this will enhance the Smartphone’s beauty.

Instead of taking all the money in our wallet, we should place this money in our mobile phone. Companies should make such apps with all the info of cash and credit cards. This will give a revolution when we make all the payments through mobile phone.

We should give devices a freedom and let them to work together. Phones have huge potential to make them work better with each other. It is really great if my phone work with my tablet or my PC, doing this will show huge potential of similar devices working together. We can also play games by doing this.

Finally we can concern about battery life of devices, which are still not good enough to allow these devices work properly. All he manufactures should take this step of battery life too seriously. Hopefully we can see new battery related things in coming future.

These were the quick tips by which we can stop the dying of Smart Phones.

By admin