8 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

1. Duolingo :

This is a website centered on the idea of allowing users to learn a second language for free. As you probably know, most second language learning programs are very expensive. Duolingo allows users to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and several other languages through a series of lessons. It also has the ability to adjust the program based on a user’s mistakes and progress.

2. Khan Academy :
Khan Academy is another free service. It is run by a non-profit with the goal of providing anyone that wishes to learn with a high-class education at absolutely no cost. The academic subjects this online academy teaches include disciplines such as math, healthcare, history, finance, chemistry, economics, computer science and physics.
3. Quora :
Quora is a websites whose goal is to increase the knowledge of its user base through the tried and true method of question and answer. Users can log-in with their social media accounts and ask for an answer to any specific question they may have on any topic. A voting system is used to make sure the highest quality answers are ranked first.

4. TED :
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. This organization responsible for the popular TED Conference also runs a public website. Its mission is to spread ideas that will help solve the world’s problems and drive progress to provide a better future for human civilization. You can certainly learn a lot about the world and issues surrounding the human race by reading the articles published on TED’s website. Recession In 2017 – Are You Ready?


5. HowStuffWorks :
People may use plenty of devices and inventions from smart phones to microwaves to mass transit. However, few people know about the science that makes these wonders possible. HowStuffWorks aims to end this ignorance by explaining how different kinds of inventions, systems, gadgets and more use engineering and scientific principles to operate.

6. Treehouse :
Treehouse is an online education platform that works to increase the public’s knowledge in regards to how to develop businesses both offline and through the internet and mobile platforms. Its business model is targeted towards beginners wishing to learn as opposed to established professionals. Using this website can actually give someone an entry point to a career in business and online entrepreneurship.

7. Instructables :
One great way to learn is by building something yourself. Instructables is a website centered around this kind of hands on learning. The website was developed by an MIT graduate and gives people step by step instructions on how to do everything from baking brownies to building their own electronics. It can teach a person engineering and building skills that can certainly be applied elsewhere.

8. Wikileaks :
Wikileaks is a very controversial website due to the fact that it publishes classified government information that was leaked by anonymous sources. While there is an ongoing debate about the ethics of Wikileaks, there is no debate about the fact that the leaks it publishes are genuine. Reading this information can give average citizens considerable insight into how governmental powers really operate. Also, read Top 4 Best Paying Jobs in USA and India

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