Affiliate Marketing can be simplified as a technique of selling other’s products online and get a commission on them. When you subscribe with the product owner’s sales page you will get a unique affiliate code. All the transactions and revenues are tracked via this. Let us discuss the top reasons why this technique could be a great business opportunity.
Benefits of Affiliate Marketing :

1. First of all you don’t need to have your own products to promote. You don’t need to worry about your own merchandise or no need to think about investment risks.

2. You don’t need to have your own website as most people think of doing affiliate marketing. You can do email marketing or Facebook, twitter etc to drive the traffic to the product owner’s sales page.

3. It allows you to choose the kind of products you want to promote and based on the commission offers available.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legal ? 

Yes, Absolutely Legal. Affiliate Marketing is nothing but online referral of products/services. The logic is simple – You give me customers, I will give you commissions. Big companies like Amazon, eBay are successfully using this model from many years. Do not have any doubt in mind.

You can start with Affiliate Marketing with zero investment.

  1. Use Facebook and other social networking platforms. Create a new page/group. Start posting interesting stuff, build fans. ‘Recommend’ them good products.
  2. Popular Blogging Platforms : You may use Quora, Linkedin, eZinearticles etc for affiliate marketing. The investment here is knowledge, patience for results and help yourself while helping others.
  3. Create a blog on wordpress, blogspot for free. Start writing great articles of your favorite niche. Build backlinks. Wait for traffic -> clicks -> conversions

Is Affiliate Marketing profitable? 

Yes, affiliate marketing is profitable business. But this takes lot of research, understanding, techniques to make good money in free time. I recommend you to try affiliate marketing for 3-4 months in your free time without quitting your full time job. Make serious notes of your learnings. Come up with strategies to increase the click and conversion ratios.

Can I become a millionaire from affiliate marketing for other companies?

Yes, but you need to exceptionally good in that. You should take affiliate marketing as a serious business. Attend seminars, subscribe to news letters. Sometimes FREE stuffs available online could waste your time and might become your biggest expense. Choose things wisely. Invest wherever required.

What are good companies for Affiliate Marketing ?

Amazon, ClickBank, GoDaddy etc are few of the most popular websites that products good affiliate marketing opportunities. If you are in India you can try Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shaadi etc. However, you need to understand that Affiliate marketing may take good time to get some good money. You need to earn the trust of your audience first before recommending them anything. You may get some sales in the early days but long term and repeated sales are based only how much your audience trusts your recommendations.

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