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7 Creative Ways To Earn Money From Home

The world has changed into somewhat strange form of evolution. If in the old days, our great grandparents must dig up holes and put seeds in it to earn money, we are today able to perform such marvelously creative ways to put extra dollars into our balance.We are not talking about those kinds of scams or criminal attempts some people do to survive with their miserable lives. Instead, we are talking about these seven methods to offer you a great amount of money even just from home!

Music Hardcore Reviewers :

If you are a music fanatic who listens to music like all day all night and get your player updated every single day, then you must be very great at reviewing what you listen. Don’t waste your skill as you can get paid for what you like to do. Slicethepie is willing to pay you some amount of dollars for listening to unsigned bands and get them your reviews.

Note Sellers :

This time, your lecture notes might not only end up in trash bins or your head. NoteSale offers a medium to allow note takers to sell their quality noted to other students. This can be a great way to challenge your writing skill and make money at the same time.

Book Sellers :

Instead of selling your old books to local thrift shops, why not trying to get higher prices from committed book buyers on BooksCounter app? What you will do is uploading your books’ barcodes and wait for the best price to appeal you and get the deal.



Data Entry Jobs :

It may be boring for most people to do data entry along with text editing and copy-pasting tasks. But for those having distinct interest in this job, can attempt to sign up to ClickWorker and start the job for some amount of cash.

Online Teachers :

This money-maker has recently got much more attention from both teachers and students. Today, conventional classes can be optimized with online teaching platforms which enable the teachers to get more income. SkillShare is one of the platforms offering the service.

Item Sellers on Etsy :

Etsy is another popular platform used by creative people to get their products on the market. Users can attempt to sell their crafts and make their own price while Etsy only takes 3.5% commission from each product you sell.

Movie Reviewers :

Not only do music lovers can get extra money from reviewing music they listen to, but also movie watchers. Swagbucks offer those movie maniacs some amount of dollars for a specific list of playlist they watch. The money can be varied depending on the videos you watch that are approved.



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