PayPal is known to almost everybody who needs to work online and get paid for that work. However, it may be unknown to them that there is chance of earning an amount up to $100 just by referring people to PayPal. PayPal had this referral program when they had started and then they stopped it after they were quite successful. However, as many more players came in as online wallet, PayPal has again started this referral program and you can use this opportunity to win up to $100.

Get $5 for Every Referal :

To join this referral program by PayPal you need to have U.S. PayPal account. If it is in good situation you can earn up to $100 by referring PayPal to your friends and others. The users who will join PayPal with your invitation and complete a transaction eligible for payment within 14 days of opening the account will also get $5 and you will earn that amount too.

A transaction will be considered eligible if there is an online checkout payment amounting to at least $5. The transaction should not be cancelled, reversed or refunded.

PayPal Referral Program

Getting your PayPal Referral Link :

In order to get the PayPal referral link you must have PayPal mobile app. If you do not have it yet you can download it from Paly Store or App store.

  • Steps for Android PayPal app
    • Log in to your PayPal mobile app
    • On the top right find the gear icon, click on it
    • Click on ‘ invite a friend & get $5’
  • If you need to post the referral link on your blog or message board, you have to click on invite and select mail. Once you send the email to yourself you will have your personal referral link for PayPal.

Remember that you must not share your personal referral link on any public location. Send it only to those people with whom you have personal acquaintances. Before you post your referral link on any third party website you must confirm about the terms and policies of that web site so that you do not face any problem in near future.

It is best to get through a proper guideline if you are trying this for the first time. Once you have earned something from it you can understand how simple it is.


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