Today I am going to share you another idea on how to earn from online. The website I am talking about is one the most trust-able sites in the internet world. With the title name itself you must have understood what I am going to talk about. Yes, it is YouTube – the world’s 4th  most popular website.

YouTube Earning is Better than Blogging

Have you ever seen more than 4 YouTube videos without seeing (skipping) an ad? No. Rethink. Because the YouTube algorithm would not allow you to do so. You would have a limit of skipping ads in 5 seconds. So, earning from YouTube is a better option than earning from Blogging.

Because the visitors can always come out without clicking on an ad even after reading 10 articles. The display ad income is very low. Also, many people have ad-blockers installed in their browsers.

Millions of people visit the YouTube website daily and spend more amount of time that what they spend on google. While YouTube is a common platform everyone knows, your website or blog is unknown to 99% of Internet users on the earth. So, YouTube is a better place to market your content.

Hosting & SEO work is less compared to a website or blog. If you are interested in earning from Facebook then read my other article to know 4 Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook without Investment 

Follow few simple steps to earn money from YouTube.

Step # 1 : Take a handy-cam or camera or a mobile phone with a good quality movie function.

Step # 2 : Capture some interesting videos that most people would be interested in. Ofcourse, you should also be interested in the subject otherwise you may not enjoy doing this for a longer time.

Step #3 : Signup with YouTube, create pages and upload your videos.

Step #4 : Concentrate on making your pages popular. Write some articles about the concept and how interesting and useful your videos are pertaining to that particular subject.

Step #5 : Apply for the YouTube partner program. If your pages are driving good traffic you may be invited to the program. Or you can use google adsense to display ads. The YouTube partner program is basically a revenue sharing program. It works on pay per click concept. The more number of visitors you get, the more are the chances of getting ad clicks and the more money you make. There is no registration fee for this, so you can give a shot. If you don’t have an existing google adsense, you can apply it for free on I have shared some more ideas on how to earn money from home 

How to Earn $1000 per Month from YouTube

Let’s do some mathematics now.

On an average you would make between $3 to $5 for every 1000 views you get for your videos depending on your content.

If your content is just entertainment related then the ads displayed also would most probably entertainment related for which the pay is less.

Let’s say you get $4 for every 1000 views. Which means to you have get (1000/4)*1000 = 250,000 views for your videos.

How much time it takes to reach $1000 per month mark on YouTube ? 

Well, I have seen people reaching this mark within 2 months and at the same time I am seeing people struggling to reach this from 2 years. Let’s be practical. You can reach this position if you do hard-work with commitment for 6 months. It is all about your content and how you market that. The better the content, the more views.

People would automatically share with their friends in Facebook, WhatsApp if your content is interesting. So, try to be Original, Interesting, Informative. What are you waiting for? Grab a camera and Earn from YouTube. If you are a professional with good professional network of friends then 5 Professional Ways To Earn Money From LinkedIn might interest you more.

All the Best !!

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