Movie assignments are one of the funniest ways to earn extra money in free time and also see a movie for free. Most of the cities in America has these movie assignments and there are several types of these that allows you into the theater.

Trailer checks:
This is normally not an undercover assignment. You will be assigned to watch a specific movie and check all of the trailers and advertisements before the movie begins and during the interval duration if any. You will be asked to give a feedback on the quality, message received etc. Most of the managers allows the checkers to remain in the theater and see the film even after the trailer check has been completed.

Audience Reaction checks:
Most of the studios are interested to know (rather they have to) how their marketing department is successful in making the movie trailers or advertisements. In that case, you need to keep track of each movie trailer and advertisement and the reaction from the audience. Some types of assignments requires you to categorise the audience reaction based on gender, age etc.

For example, if the movie trailer is on a kids film you need to check response of the audience who are below age 15 and see how they react. Is the trailer creating enough enthusiasm in them and can pull them to theatres or not?

Seating capacity checks:
The studio heads or distributors may want to have independent count of the patrons who are visiting the theatre on any given day. They may be paid per movie screen or paid per hour, depending on the company. This can help them in understanding the flow and turn out ratio of the audience which could in turn help them in arranging the required number of seats, stalls etc.

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