Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where individuals are paid commissions by companies or other people for helping them promote their products on their websites or blogsites. For each product that is bought through you (by clicking on the referral link or banner), you will take part in sharing the profit.

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Google AdSense on the other hand is software application run by Google, it allows individuals in the Google network to make revenue through advertisements, interactive media, etc. although these adverts are maintained by Google.

Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing are most popular ways of earning income for bloggers and other online advertisers. While Adsense gives steady and passive income for many advertisers, affiliate marketing gives huge income for many bloggers I personally know.

Below are 7 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than Google AdSense :

1. The ads of affiliate are considered to be more creative and attractive than that of AdSense, because Affiliate allows you to create your site in your most desirable way and this helps individuals to add their imagination while creating their Affiliate program.

2. AdSense pays lesser income than affiliate marketing, the pay per clicks in affiliate is higher and better than the AdSense, although this also depends largely on the type of products you are promoting on your site.

3. It’s a lot easier to control your Affiliate program and design the page on basis of your comfort and desire and this helps to bring more income through setting up different sales pages while AdSense is strictly supported and controlled by Google.

4. Affiliate allows you to add other Ads to your site and it doesn’t ban visitors from clicking on its links unlike Google AdSense which has a restriction on the type of ads you wish to publish on your blog and also has a ban on AdSense links which makes the links difficult to be accessed. One could say that Affiliate is a more user friendly program than the AdSense.

5. Unlike the AdSense programs which make marketers jump through hoops in order to get approved, Affiliate doesn’t make its marketers go through the stress of jumping hoops.

6. It’s not a criterion for you to have a website before you can do Affiliate marketing but it’s advisable to have one – but if the needs arises you can get from one of your Affiliate companies for free whereas before you can run an AdSense program, you must have a website.

7. It’s a lot easier to acquire wealth from Affiliate marketing because its runs a multi-tier program, this means you get paid for the efforts of your down line team unlike AdSense where you get paid for only the effort put in by yourself.

Speaking from my personal experience it’s advisable to have both of them to increase your benefits which reduces the risks of failure. In case one has a problem, you should be able to use the other to carry out your business, although this is a personal choice. For new bloggers it is also advisable to go for Affiliate programs since it’s easier to use and also offers higher benefits to you the company and your visitors.

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