Hello, How are you doing? I am a senior software designer and blogger from New York. I have explained different ways of earning money from Internet in my previous articles. I explained few ways to earn money from Facebook without investment earlier. Here, I am writing on different ways to earn money from LinkedIn. I would prefer to use LinkedIn more than Facebook for my marketing because LinkedIn has more ‘valuable’ and serious professionals with purchase power compared to Facebook.

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the outstanding social networks for the experienced people and professionals. It is a great platform to be used for generating the income in a number of ways.

You surely would have read a number of posts about the ways for creating your profile, creating your company’s page, and generating a lot of traffic to your site; so, here all of these steps are going to be skipped and you will know about the ways that can be used for making money from LinkedIn online. This is done as you grow your own mailing lists, the products that you sell, and you would be hired in the job you dream for.

5 Professional Ways to Earn Money from LinkedIn in 2024

1. Offering different services

There are different freelancers and other consultants of social media who can use the platform of LinkedIn for getting connected with the companies that need them in various ways that include:

  • Optimizing the profile of LinkedIn so that people can discover the workers whom they want to hire
  • Adding skills to the LinkedIn profile; in this way you can also get quick endorsements.
  • Taking the benefit of the LinkedIn services section
  • Defining the ideal customers and joining groups in which they will participate; for example the real estate groups, etc.

2. Customizing your Uniform Resource Locator

Your URL is supposed to be the LinkedIn Page’s address on the World Wide Web. On the page of your profile, there is an Edit button from where you can go to the settings of your public profile. On the same page, there is an option of “Your public profile URL.” Underneath this bar, the option for customizing the URL of your public profile is also given and you can use the option by following some of the steps.

3. Finding Direct Sponsors

Finding direct sponsors as well as advertisers is another professional way to earn money from LinkedIn. If any of the advertisements or the opportunities for the company events is offered on your site, it becomes quite easy if you want to look up for the potential candidates while using LinkedIn.

4. Promoting the Affiliate Products

This is my personal favorite. This worked well for me. I made good money from this option. If you are making use of affiliate marketing for generating income through the internet and writing some great reviews, you should go through some of the ways that can help in the promotion of them in order to increase your own affiliate sales. These ways include:

  • Sharing your posts related to affiliate marketing review
  • Using your LinkedIn profile’s section of publications for getting linked to the reviews of your latest reviews of your affiliate products

5. Selling Digital and Physical Products

You can add an advertisement, explainer video, commercial or presentation as an element of media to your profile at LinkedIn in the section of your profile summary. You may write and eBook and sell to the pool of valuable professionals.

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