There are millions of people who are wasting their time posting the not so necessary status messages, sharing photos and chatting on Facebook now while you are reading this useful article. Congratulate yourself first for that.

Why Facebook for Online Earning ? 

Facebook is a sensation in social media. With over 527 million daily users and a total of over 900 million active users, Facebook is now available in 70 languages.Over 300 million photos are being uploaded every single day to the site. Hence, Facebook has become a real money making machine for many people especially for the advertisers.

The Facebook IPO is expected to turn over 1000 individuals into millionaires in few years. Let us have a look at the people who already became billionaires in a short span through this company.

Let us see what are the different ways you can earn from Facebook in your free time without investment and without disturbing your full time profession.

1. Facebook App Developer :  If you have skills to develop online applications you might want to develop some interesting rather useful Facebook applications (like Graffiti, SuperPoke, Warbook etc) or you might want to promote your services to companies who might want their own Facebook applications. There are some companies who pays you handsomely if you could develop according to their needs.

2. Facebook’s Market Place : You can buy and sell the old stuff in the Facebook’s Market Place. You can sell your used books, used mobiles and other electronic stuff. You can also search for a job here.

3. Classified Ads : You can post your classified ads in the Facebook based on the location and the relevant profile. If you don’t have your own ads, you can post others ads and get percentage share on the sales done.

4. Earn from Facebook Pages : Create a page in Facebook. Post good articles/topics frequently. Once you get a good number of fans/likers you can start posting ads or other affiliate links. You can earn good commission of up to 35% for some sales (yes, I am earning 30-35% for some sales while 10% is the most common percentage I get). The challenge lies in how well you can involve your audience in the topics you post. I am getting 70% of my online earnings through this step. Give a try – its FREE.

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