If you are a blogger you know very well that you need to increase your AdSense earnings. So if you really want to increase your AdSense revenue, I’m sharing with you the best and proven ways to incorporate in your advertisements in order to earn the best amount.

AdSense is one of the best programs for advertisements that are used by bloggers. Being the best advertisement programs for bloggers, it is, therefore, one of the best ways to make money from blogging as well as vlogging or simply videos.

As a blogger, you must be knowing the reason why you use AdSense. There are many bloggers out there who have mastered the art of earning money with this advertisement program and there are those who really want to raise their earnings. First of all, before we get to the real proven ways of increasing AdSense revenue, you really need to take a careful consideration of the placement of your ads. Generally, this involves the being aware of the AdSense policies in order to make sure you do not violate them. For example one, of the AdSense policies requires you to place your ads in a way that you are not forcing your users to click on them.

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Best ways to increase your AdSense revenue

Once you carefully take consideration of the AdSense policies you can now proceed by implementing the best ways that will help you increase your revenues. The best thing about AdSense is that it has a very easy to use interface, therefore, you really don’t need very high investment and skills in order to make sure that your AdSense is making you good money all the time.

As it is always the belief that the more traffic you have the more you make money as a blogger. This is not the actual case with AdSense. What really matters here is your ad placement, type of your AdSense CPC and also the source of traffic.

It is important to note that there are many alternatives to Google AdSense, but when used well, AdSense can generate you more income without using a lot of effort. It can actually be termed as a passive way of making good money. Here I have prepared 10 best-proven ways that you can implement to increase your AdSense revenue.

Let’s immerse us into the details.

Positioning of your ads

The location of your ads means a lot. You really don’t have to place a lot of ads on your website in order to make more money. On the contrary, you would be hurting your content readership and your site visitors would get bored and leave your site without clicking on an ad.

If you place your ads properly and in the right locations you are sure to boost your AdSense revenue. Usually, the best way to place your ads is by putting them above the fold which offers a higher visibility on your site. Better visibility means that chances are very high that your site visitors are likely to click your ad.

You can also enhance your ad positioning by integrating your ads with the design of your site. A site design that is integrated with your ads makes it easier for you to create AdSense themes thus helping you to boost your AdSense revenue.

Ensure you have a content-rich site

The best way to gain more traffic, organic traffic for that matter, is to make sure you are providing your audience with high-quality content. Readers want content that is of high-quality and is adding value to them. Most of the times, beginner bloggers are always looking for shortcuts that will generate more traffic. This way they fail to understand that organic traffic is what matters. You might be having a lot of traffic into your website but you are not making good money with AdSense simply because of your ‘inorganic traffic.’

Great content can make any blog’s success simply because your readers will always want to visit your site. Great content will generate more organic traffic and this means more AdSense revenue.

Make your website load faster

Have you ever tried to open a website that took forever to load? Most of the times when you try to open a site that takes long to load you just find yourself closing the site even before you open it. A slow loading site means that you are putting your site at very high risk of losing traffic. Chances are very high that your audience will not click on your ads. Nobody wants a slow loading site! It’s that simple.

When your site has a lot of issues then you will struggle to increase your AdSense revenue. Identifying and fixing your issues will help you make your website attractive to your audience and therefore, boost your revenues.

Both image and text ads

You cannot ignore the advantages that are presented by both image and text ads. Most bloggers ignore the text ads for no reasons, but this type of ads is very relevant. It is believed that image ads work better than any other type of ads and this is where bloggers lose out on earnings since they end up using one type of ads, which is the image ads. Text ads are also good as image ads in generating AdSense income, therefore, you should always use both ads in order to increase your AdSense revenue.

Place your ads between the posts

Placing your ads between your great content is another way that can boost your AdSense revenue. However, you should always make sure that you don’t put many ads that will interfere with the readership of your content. Let your content have a high readership as much as possible as you put ads in between your posts. AdSense policies also require that you have enough space between your content and ad, failure to meet to ensure enough space will be violating the AdSense policies. When done right, placing ads between content will help get more clicks and views.

The AdSense category blocking

The category blocking feature has now become easier to use with the new AdSense interface. You can now easily see and identify those ad categories that are performing poorly and block them immediately. Sometimes you might be having ad categories that have a good percentage of impression while at the same time they are generating very low earnings for you. You should prefer blocking them and focus on those that have high earnings percentage.

Ad Sizes

When setting up your ads use the standard sizes that have been recommended by AdSense as being the most popular one. If you use very large or too small ads sizes you may end up having very low demand from advertisers which eventually leads to low earnings.

Use high CPC keywords

When your ads are based on your blogs content, interest and language then you will experience maximum benefits. The targeting options are very easy and can help boost your revenues if you do them right. When you focus on high CPC (cost per click) keywords you will be able to capture the high paying ads. This is a principle that is linked to contextual ad targeting where Google analyses the keywords that you have used in your blog, links, and hashtags and then matches them to your blog. As we can see it’s very important to ensure that your blog is high search engine optimized otherwise you will end up making very low AdSense revenues.

Use experiments

AdSense provides a feature that allows users to experiment in order to test their variations. However, this feature is rarely used by users and thus they usually jump into placing their ads without even knowing about their variations.

The experiments allow you to test for different variations maybe for the same ad spot and identify which one performs better. These tests enable you to identify the best spot and thus increase your ad revenues when you placed the actual ad.

Don’t forget to optimize your AdSense for mobile

Today, almost everything can be done on the mobile platform. This calls for bloggers to ensure that their blogs are attractive and can be viewed by mobile users. When you have responsive blog theme you will need to optimize your ads so that they are as per the mobile requirements. This way you can increase your AdSense revenue.

Make sure your AdSense ads show well on tablets and mobile phones. One way to optimize your AdSense for mobile is by having one ad in your content and then creating a leaderboard at the top of the web page.


AdSense is a great advertising program for bloggers which they can use to generate more revenues. As a blogger, you have to constantly keep trying all the possible ways that can help you boost your AdSense revenues. By implementing the posts above you can be able to make AdSense work for without having to break a sweat.

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