Many people have become celebrities by posting their videos on YouTube. If you share your videos publicly, and your friends share them, you can soon be an internet sensation. You can also earn from YouTube Premium – a paid subscription service that’s offered in many countries. You can access the same videos as on regular YouTube, but without all the ads.

Do you want to be the next Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Shawn Mendes, James Bay, or Pentatonix? Granted, some of them are pets. But if you, your pet, band, blog, product or service are even minutely interesting, you can post your videos on YouTube and make it big!

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How Do I Make Money on YouTube?

Technically, regular YouTube does not buy videos. It operates much like a social media service, where people share media, but in this case it’s videos. Do you remember when Netflix first came out and started offering its own TV series that were never on any cable channel? Hey, you thought, no one will ever watch those! But just the opposite became true. Stranger Things is one of their top-rated shows today.

YouTube decided to hop on that bandwagon, and today they offer original, premium content that is exclusive only to their subscribers through YouTube Premium. If you’ve ever cried because you don’t have Netflix and can’t watch Stranger Things, you may cry when you find out what programs and videos are offered through YouTube Premium, such as Step Up. One of the writers for the Futurama series has headed the first animated series on YouTube.

Premium subscription services are hot with viewers. Seriously, who wants to watch another news program or realty game show when you have YouTube Premium? For this reason, viewers are snapping up memberships like crazy. Since YouTube Premiumneeds a constant source of entertainment, this offers you an opportunity to pitch to one of their partners, such as Lionsgate Entertainment. This company originally started in Canada, but now has offices around the world. However, the film business is difficult to directly. break into.

Your best option is to start by creating fun and entertaining videos, and posting them to YouTube. This is the single most important step to getting noticed in the media and the entertainment industry. After all, many musicians, bands, and celebrities have started out this way.

Why Is It Easier to Become a Millionaire on YouTube?

Not just anyone can create a TV show and put it on their favorite cable station. But as long as you have set up a YouTube account, you or anyone can create a video and upload it to YouTube. For this reason, almost anyone can become a millionaire on YouTube, as there is no pre-screening process or editing process that needs to be followed. As long as your videos are fun and entertaining, and follow a few basic ethics rules, you can post as many as you want, as frequently as you want. You’re really only limited by the millions of people on YouTube who are waiting to subscribe to your channel!

No Creative Talent? No Problem!

Do you want to make money on YouTube, but you have no talent? That’s not even a problem today. You can hire people to make the videos for you and then post them. Simply add your name as producer or director of the video to the credits at the end. If you are responsible for creating quality content, your talents may lie in this superpower, rather than actually being the creative talent. In fact, you may even go further, as you can manage multiple projects from afar.

Start by Creating Your Social Media Presence

There’s no point in just posting videos if you have no way of promoting them. Start by creating a personal Facebook profile, then create your Facebook business page. Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are also important social media channels. Every time you post a video to YouTube, you should also be sharing it with your friends and followers on all social media channels.

What Kinds of Videos Do I Create?

If you’re making a video, you want to do something that will entertain and capture the notice of millions, not just your family. Cute cat videos are popular, but for that you need one entertaining cat or some other type of animal. For obvious reasons, you must be the owner of that pet, because they could make you rich and famous!

Animated stories are popular too. These can capture the interest of film studios. Bee and PuppyCat started on YouTube and did a Kickstarter. They now have a paid deal on YouTube Premium. Bloggers have also made it big on YouTube. They did video reviews of products. In the beginning, you have to fork over the dollars to buy these products, but once you have at least 25,000 followers on YouTube, free products will start to fill up your mailboxe.

You can then become an influencer. Then you can charge $1200 per guest post on some of the top blogs around the world today. These can also lead to speaking engagements where you can charge thousands of dollars for your seminar. Perhaps most of YouTube is dominated by music videos, yet many up and coming bands have gained popularity by posting videos on YouTube. They have then been noticed by record producers. Cory Williams started out as Mr. Safety on YouTube before he became famous with his Mean Kitty Song. It’s been over ten years now, and he currently makes a monthly income of over $20,000. In 2008, he was one of the top earners on YouTube.

Remember that you can’t become famous if you have nothing on YouTube!

Make Your Videos Professional!

Many people may give a verbal introduction at the beginning, do their video, then invite people to join their YouTube channel or visit their website. Once you have the hang of the videos, start adding End Credits to them. These end credits will list your name, your social media channels, and your website. You can also add this info to your channel on YouTube. This way, if any agents are searching around for talent, you’ve already conveniently provided content information about you at the end of every video.

Create a Team

If you create a team for each video you produce, this shows the world that not only can you create professional videos, but that you are also a team player. This is good because talent scouts want to know that you’re not a loner—you can work with other people—who could be producers or directors.

How Else Can I Make Money from My Videos?

It’s a lot of work posting videos every couple of weeks on YouTube. After you do it for a year or so and gain popularity, you’ll be seeking ways to make some passive income. One way is through sponsorship ads. You can post ads at the end of your videos, or mention or showcase a product within your video. The more your audience grows and your videos get watched, the higher you can charge for each ad.

As you become famous on YouTube, you can become a consultant. You can help other people become famous on YouTube tube. You can offer tips, or even set up an online course that will teach others to become famous. Once your framework is in place, you’re all set, and can move onto the next project.

If you’re like Cory Williams, you could be invited onto the top talk shows each month. You may also be asked to guest on popular TV shows. Naturally, if your videos are on YouTube Premium, you could have the opportunity to do voice overs or play acting roles on its most popular shows. Cory Williams has also gone on tour, because he’s also a musician. If you have any sort of talent at all, you can put it to good use on YouTube.

How to Lose Money on YouTube

First of all, if you steal content from others, you’re not going to make any long term money from it. Worse, you could be setting yourself up to be sued, which decreases the chances you’ll become a millionaire. Remember to use your own ideas, and your own work in your YouTube videos, and post your copyright notices at the end of every video to protect yourself too.

Have You Created Your First YouTube Video Yet?

If you’re excited to become the next YouTube or YouTube Premium millionaire, you must have content to post. Get started on your next video now!

Remember to add a soundtrack, and carefully edit your video. Add credits on the end. Create your YouTube and social media channels. Soon people will be watching your YouTube videos and subscribing like crazy.

Remember to work out ways to monetize your videos. The key is to make money, and also have that passive income stream too. Soon you could be making your own videos from Hawaii, Greece, or Belize!

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