Witnessing the potential to make huge money through blogging and the ease to create blogs evoke everybody to start a blog in their desired niche. According to MarketingProfs two million blog posts are published every day and many of the articles are gone without any clicks but the only little number of articles from specific publishers are making millions of views either organically or inorganically.

Though everybody starts with an intention to make money only few could make and others are not even making $100 in Adsense in their blog’s lifetime.

Bloggers with ultimate patience and perseverance could make huge for sure. I started making money through my blog after one year of continuous effort and that too only from Sponsored content advertising. Bloggers who become popular after two years of effort read more than they write but bloggers who write more than they read fade away quickly.

Whether it is a mediocre or novice getting a little education about blogging, money making methods, promotional strategies, SEO and tools to work it out could save bloggers from suicide.

To help those mediocre and novices there are some established reliable blogs which I listed below to help bloggers community.


The largest WordPress resources and tutorials available on the internet for beginners and intermediates. WpBeginner will help you to build the complete framework for your newbie blog of any domain. You will get an answer for all sort of WordPress related queries like How to build, what to install, how to fix and best plugins and themes.

Attractive offers and coupon codes for popular WordPress products are also listed here to cut down the cost of blogging. Started by Syed Balkhi in the year 2009 now acquired 3.2lakhs subscribers across the globe and still the dominant authentic resource for WordPress bloggers.

2.Content Marketing Institute

No blog will become successful if they fail at the basic unit content creation. Simply writing 1000 to 1500 words post will never interest your readers and bring subscribers but you need to consider how few bloggers are using the same number of words to narrate the story better.

Content marketing Institute will teach you content creation tips, building fundamental plans, understanding core plans, creative storytelling, determining the best distribution channel and measuring your content effectiveness. Followed by thousands of bloggers and digital marketing professionals to create converting content.

Useful Blogs & Tools For Bloggers

3.Neil Patel

Once you are done with the framework and content creation you need to promote your blog isn’t? Neil Patel is an influencing marketer and blogger who shares reliable articles on his blog NeilPatel.com on how to articulate your post and gain more subscribers by spending less or nothing.It’s not only his blog you can also listen to his podcasts or watch webinars to learn marketing tactics. I personally follow him to improve my writing and devising promotional strategies and it works most of the time.

You will get an idea about his blog if you look at the few headlines like “How to generate 195.013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads”, “How to get 128 new email subscribers per day”, and “How to get 162 people to comment on your blog post”.

Reading 15 to 20 articles you will easily get the stratagem he is following to make posts popular and successful.


Backlinko is a place to find actionable SEO advice.  A six-month-old blog get most of the traffic mostly from social media promotion which is not sustainable for long term. Inorganic traffic requires your daily effort and cost you some dollars to get more views and followers but a smarter blogger will always think about generating organic traffic.

Organic traffic is sustainable and need not spend dollars and time daily. Once it is set right you can enjoy the benefits for a long term provided there are no changes in SEO guidelines. Backlinko will help you to build quality links and generate organic traffic which will outnumber the inorganic views. You might have heard or read many times on internet publishing articles regularly will increase your SEO score but this blog has broken the myth and shown the better way to improve ranking.

Backlinko with only 30 articles and inconsistent in publishing posts he secured the first page for the competitive keyword “Backlinks”. It’s not only link building but many SEO strategies to improve your blog rank has been discussed by the SEO marketer Brian Dean- Founder of Backlinko.


This is the very first blog shouted with a tagline “Blog for Bloggers” . Started by Harsh Agarwal to help newbies to teach the basics of blogging and how to make money from their blog. Though it covers all the blog related topics its USP lies in disclosing various ways to monetize your blog and to make it as your primary income source than your fulltime job.

Whatever ways I follow to monetize my blog I learned it completely from Shoutmeloud. Many guest bloggers also published the techniques they are following to monetize their blog on shoutmeloud. This post covered the necessary topics for bloggers to become successful right from setting basic framework, content creation, Marketing, SEO, and monetization.

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