Popular digital marketing analysts say that the money lies in your email list. Mailchimp, the email marketing platform is getting offers of over $12 billion from some of the top companies as they know the power of email marketing. It is not so difficult to understand about why email marketing is somehow more inviting than social media marketing. However, in order to achieve that you get to firstly take aside the fact that social media gets on the higher hype than email today.

Even if social media are outrageously appealing for most digital users, they somehow fail to engage with customers under particular circumstances. Conversely, you may say, emails are able to perform something so strategic and impactful in regard to modern marketing strategy, compared to what social media could offer.

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

Here is why you get to initiate email marketing as soon as possible. You can consult the top digital marketing companies in India if you don’t know how to get started with email marketing yet.

1. Personal Engagement

If you are a quality-based marketing performer, then email is the ultimate way you can afford to engage in a personal communication with customers – who are fortunately can be easily monitored and navigated their status or product preference.

2. More Inviting, More Effective

What do you have in your mind every time someone is knocking on your door? Most of the time, you are going to raise your anticipation before heading to the door and discover who is coming. That’s what will happen if you send personal email to each of your customers.

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3. That Feeling of Being ‘Special’

Most of us would feel reluctant to open broadcast message rather than personal email. That is because the way we perceive someone’s effort in trying to connect with us. The more customers feel special, the more they are appealed to proceed with our marketing plan.

4. Guaranteed Delivery

Email is probably like a phone number who is given by someone to whoever s/he expects to communicate with. That said, by performing email marketing, you are going to minimize the risk of sending marketing message to random users or customers.

5. Sooner or Later Response

Even if you do not receive immediate response from your target receivers, your email would likely be sent and kept in the inbox of the receivers’ email. That means, sooner or later, your message is going to catch their eyes and invite them to go further with your plan.

6. Strategic Medium For Business Customers

In fact, business people pay more attention to their email accounts rather than social media. This cannot be disconnected from the fact that email provides personal and urgent environment rather than social media.

7. Educational and Transactional

Last but not least, email features offer marketers to be able to showcase their products or brand through engaging words and media. So, the message would not be merely ads but it can also be educational and transactional purposes.

We think that it is supposed to sum up the whole points we try to offer to you.

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