Every day, more and more things have QR Codes. The easiest way to direct people to your online goods and services is by using a QR code. New QR Codes can hold a wealth of data that will enable you to better engage your audience. In a sense, a QR Code enables you to make your offline audience aware of your online presence.

Without a question, QR Codes are the future, but how do you create one? Let’s examine to get the solution to 10 Best QR Code Generator Websites You Should Know (2023).

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1. QR Code Tiger

With a wide variety of QR kinds and customization choices, QR Code Tiger’s feature set is as regal as its moniker suggests. It even has an HTML editor’s support and many URLs packed into a single QR.

Static QR codes are free to generate, however to make dynamic QR codes, you must choose their premium package. Additional capabilities including QR tracking and scanner device information are available in the premium programme. They also have a video tutorial that walks you and through QR generation process on their site.

There are several choices for modification, including the ability to alter patterns, add eyes, and even customise the QR with a logo. Additionally, you may add a frame or pick from their library of templates.

2. Beaconstac

Among the most sophisticated and corporation QR Code systems is provided by Beaconstac. You may create dynamic and static QR codes with this QR code generator for manyaid of this QR code generator for a number of applications, such as digitalization cards, Pdfs QR codes, Online Google QR codes, and QR codes for films and other media. These are all meant to help businesses sell their products and services on numerous platforms.

3. QR Code Generator

Hey! Be certain that its features aren’t as straightforward as its name suggests. None of the weird QR kinds on the aforementioned list can compare to the QR Code Generator, which allows you to create QR Codes even from Word and PowerPoint documents.

The free and premium versions of QR Code Generator are both available, like many other QR generators on this list. You can always build static QRs with their free application, but the monitoring and statistic tools are only accessible in the subscription package.

There is no doubt that this platform has the best documentation of any QR generator.

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4. Visualead

The QR generating process is broken down by Visualead into four simple steps: choose the QR type, create the code, print the code, and manage your campaign. Over 500,000 companies, including industry heavyweights like HP and Intel, rely on Visualead as their QR solution. mainly because of the layout’s user-friendly UI.

By far the most QR kinds are available on Visualead than on any other QR generator on the internet. When you select the Generate Code option, you may choose from a variety of QR kinds, including Website URL, vCard, Facebook Page, Email, Customized Text, and many more. Additionally, there are QR kinds available to meet social, utility, corporate, and personal demands.

5. Wix QR Generator

For those who enjoy simplicity, the Wix QR generator is ideal. On the attractive WIX QR generator website, you can quickly build your own QR code. All common QR kinds, including Text, URL, Phone, and Image, are available through WIX, but the platform also supports uncommon QR types, like PDF, Geolocation, Wi-Fi, and Email.

On WIX, creating a QR code is simple and simply requires entering the value and the desired QR type. Depending on the value you enter, the QR Code in the bottom right adjusts. You only have a few choices for customising the QR Code, such as adjusting its size (from 100 to 1000 pixels) and foreground and background colours.

6. Kaywa QR Code

The Kaywa QR generator is great for people who want simplicity. You may easily create your own QR code on the appealing Kaywa QR generator website. With the exception of PDF, Geolocation, Wi-Fi, and Email, Kaywa supports all popular and rare QR types, including Text, URL, Phone, and Image.

A QR code may be easily created on Kaywa by inputting the preferred QR type and the value. The bottom right QR Code changes based on the value you type. The only options for modifying the QR Code are its dimensions (from 100 to 1000 pixels) and the foreground and background colours.

7.  Flow code                                                             

Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Venmo, Google Drive, and more are just a few of the numerous QR kinds available from Flowcode QR Generator. The possibility to convert a file from your storage into a QR Code is another feature offered by Flowcode in addition to the pre-defined QR kinds. With a 20MB maximum size, the file can be in the form of a pdf, picture, video, or audio.

To adjust the QR pattern style, foreground colour, and QR theme, Flowcode offers a respectable number of customization choices. Additionally, a centre picture with a maximum size of 5MB can be added from your device.

8. QR Code Chimp

The most customizable QR generator available is called QR Code Chimp. The fun occurs when you design your QR, although it includes all the standard QR kinds, including Facebook, Event, Vcard, Coupon, and more.

Your code may have its size, colour, logo, and even stickers added customised. With this tool, the possibilities are endless. You may design unusual QR codes like a Heart-shaped QR, a Coffee-shaped QR, or even a Guitar-shaped QR.

9. Qrd.by

Imagine having a tool for data analysis and a QR generator all in one! By allowing you to monitor the user growth of QR codes created using the platform, Qrd.by achieves precisely that.

Although Qrd.by offers all common QR formats and a wide range of customization possibilities, its tracking capabilities set them apart. Through each QR code, you can keep tabs on the visitors as well as their precise locations and actions. Additionally, you may choose to get email notifications that include the device’s location and QR scan information.

10. Shopify

Sometimes all you need is a quick and easy QR code that you can generate without having to go through the trouble of creating an account to customise your code. The Shopify QR generator is ideal for this use case if that is the case.

Simple QR code formats like URL, phone number, SMS, and custom text are available on Shopify. Enter your email, choose a QR type, enter the value, then click Create QR code to generate a code. I’m done now. A working QR code may be created in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you may watch a live preview of your code.

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