Top platforms to hire a DeveloperTop platforms to hire a Developer

Due to the increase in the number of internet users, there is an increasing demand for developing new, exciting, and trustworthy mobile/ web applications that are easy to use and offer seamless functionality.

You as an individual or business need to hire a developer in order to develop a web application/website/ mobile application development. Here are the steps one can follow in order to effectively hire the best developers for your development project.

With the rising number of internet users, there is a growing demand for new, exciting, and reliable mobile/web applications that are easy to use and provide seamless functionality.

As an individual or company, you will need to hire a software developer to develop a web application/website/mobile application.

Steps to Follow to Hire a Developer for Your Development Project

Here are the steps you can follow to effectively hire the best developers for your development project:

1. Specifying the business challenges:

There are many different kinds of development projects and developing any project requirements before specifying the business challenges is a big problem.

One needs to decide the kind of project for which he/she needs to hire a developer. Projects are usually categorized as, Simple web projects, medium web projects, large-size web projects, or other projects.

Simple web projects: Building a simple website/application and minor integration for adding features to the existing software.

Medium Web projects: Development of dynamic/static web apps, stores (online), or 3rd party integration services such as customer relationship management, databases, APIs, and others.

Large-size projects: Usually referred to as developing some innovative product such as video sharing Social network/ app or other which require many complicated technologies integrated with a cloud server to store the required data.

Other projects: Varying project scope and situation.

How to hire a developer for your development project
How to hire a developer for your development project

2. Deciding upon the developer’s skills:

Developers are usually categorized as Front-end, Back-end or Full stack developers. In order to hire the best developer one must understand the difference between the three.

Front-end developers:

Works on the front side of your website/app which is usually where visitors interact. These developers change the design and layout of the website.  Don’t confuse between a designer and front-end developer, web designers try to make more visual and create user experience. Commonly used languages are

Back-end developers:

They are responsible for website structure behind the front-end ie, how a website works. A specialist is needed to be hired for improving website speed, 3rd party services in the site structure. Commonly used languages that are used include PHP, Python Ruby, Java, and others.

Full stack developers:

These are developers who are experts in both front-end and back-end development. These developers are becoming more and more popular in startups which usually rely on limited resources for their projects.

Reach and finalize the required developer for your development project.

3.  Finding the specialist required:

Hiring a specialist is not only an important task but that specialist also becomes part of your technical services and support and will be a reliable partner for the coming years thus hire web developers carefully.

Where to find developers?

There are various platforms where one can find and hire leading developers around the world such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Clutch, and many more.

Upwork- It is one of the most popular platforms for hiring freelancers it has many useful features like Time tracking, automated payment for achieved work, and much more.

Freelancer- it has an online chat option and milestone payment mechanism which benefits both companies and individuals.

Guru- it has over 3 million freelancers and offers various functions such as milestone payment per task or hourly payment as per user preferences.

One can easily find more by doing a simple Google search.

Step 4. Examine the developer’s expertise.

Before contacting and hiring the development team, it is better to check the company’s portfolio to find out about previous projects, level of work, integration, and development that the company does.

Before finalizing the developer it is essential to check that the developer has the following soft skills such as Communication, Teamwork, Proactiveness, and Approachability.

Good communication skills lead to fewer misunderstandings and clear and concise project requirements.

Teamwork is an important parameter to look for as large and complex projects require many different departments working together such as designers, Q/A, B.A., and many more.

Proactiveness is great when developers can actually share feedback and provide suggestions on technology to use, various possible improvements to the project so on and so forth.

Approachability is also an important soft skill to look for as a developer who is not able to collaborate is not able to complete any given task when there is any need of approaching another member of the development team.

Step 5. Selection of a model of working:

The working model selection usually depends upon the complexity and development project scope.

There are usually 3 types of working models that are commonly known to all which are project-based, dedicated team, and outstaff or extended team.

Project-based model:

Usually, this type of hiring model is more famous among companies/ startups where the objective is to accomplish a small web development project/ task. There is a predefined scope of work to be established within the set timeframe.

In this case, the development team is solely responsible for the choice of development language as well as managing the project.

Dedicated Team:

A dedicated team is usually a great option for businesses that need to implement complex functions on their website such as cloud integration, AI chatbot development so on and so forth.

The development roadmap can be controlled by an individual person/business or outsourced development team. The responsibility for project success depends upon the project manager who can be an external manager from outside the organization or an insider project manager.

Outstaff or extended team:

Out staff or extended team is one of the best options for a business that is looking forward to developing big projects within the specified budgeted rates. The outsourced staff would only be responsible for tasks assigned and that is one of the reasons why an in-house CTO or project manager needs to be in constant touch with the outsourced staff.

Step 6. Choosing payment model:

If you have hired a web developer or development team you need to pay them a salary every month just like your employees. The same payment terms are applicable and necessary for out staff and dedicated team models as well.

There is a bit of difference for a project-based working model one needs to choose between a fixed price paying model (works best for web development projects of small size which have a predefined scope of work and specified time frame.) or Pay as you go (its where the time required and scope of work is not easy to estimate suitable for small, medium or big sized projects.)


Whatever your requirements are whether it is building a website, a web app, or a complete social media network with cloud storage and many 3rd party integrations one can easily find a developer in accordance with their development needs, estimated budgets, and time frame for development.

By following this hiring developer guide one can not only easily find the best developer/ candidate for a development project but can also opt for the best working and paying models.

Furthermore one must not underestimate soft skills as they can also have a greater impact on the project development speed and effective completion.

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