Online market research companies conduct surveys on behalf of their customers and pays for the surveys being filled. As it is very difficult to figure out which of the products are satisfying the customer needs and the changes to be made, the companies ask the consumers for opinions. As the consumers themselves are giving genuine opinions the companies would be interested in paying back them with some money or rewards.

All that you have to do is subscribe with one the survey based companies and fill in their surveys.

The type and the number of surveys you get to your email depends on your age, gender and profession. The amount paid may also depend on the above mentioned factors.


Beware of Scams :  Like in any industry, even the survey industry also has a lot of fraud websites. Some websites shows some money in your account but they do not transfer you by the end of the month or after the survey payment period. Some websites do not make you to cross the minimum limit of payment. Some websites may even delete your account after few surveys without even stating the reason. So, beware of such scam websites before joining anyone – you may not loose money always, you may loose your efforts and time.

Few of the Survey companies that you can look into but are not limited to are :

  • SurveySavvy
  • Socratic Forum
  • PureProfile
  • Spidermetrix


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