1. Internet Marketing
Join affiliate marketing websites and make commission for the sales through your referrals.
2. Buy to Sell
Set up a cheap online store. Buy in bulk and sell in retail for profits.
3. Creative Pursuits
If you can make beautiful handicraft products at home there is a huge market for that.
4. Sell e-books
Write some fiction stories or ‘How to’ books and sell them online.
5. Graphic Designing 
Set up your own store if you are good in Graphic Designing/Photoshopping. You can make posters, advertisements to make good money.
6. Catering or Cake Making 
Self explanatory. Refer to local newspapers to get some deals. People have money to feed others but no money. Help them. It helps you.
7. Baby Sitting 
One of those jobs which is becoming more popular. Mothers are not finding time to take care of their own children. Grab the opportunity.

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