Are you looking for ways to earn extra money in your free time? If your answer is yes, keep reading the 8 ways that helps you in making some extra income.

1. Sell Your Stuff : Do you have things that are not being used from a long time? It might be a mobile or a laptop or even a book. Sell it off. There are some websites that help you in this. You can try or – two of the popular websites in this field.

2. Get Paid for Your Online Time : Do you know that some companies pay you for spending time to read their e-mails, to complete online activities/surveys and to do web searches? Sign up with many of them (only one or two may not give you much money sometimes), and get paid. Refer for the list of companies that pay for your online time.

3. Wrap Your Car : If you have a car which spends most of its time on road or in public, there are some companies that wraps up your car with their advertisements and pays you for that.


4. Earn Money from Your Hobbies : If you are good at singing or dancing or swimming, teach those skills to others. You can get paid for the help you did for others.

5. Blogs : Do you have urge to share knowledge with the World? Then create a blog and monetize it.

6. Get Paid To Take Surveys : Give your opinions and get paid for that. One example site for Australians is valuedopinions

7. Tutor : There is a good demand for tutors in the market. Just calculate the percentage of school and college going students in your area. Place an ad in local
newspaper and earn money which matches your skills level.

8. Develop FreeLance Skills : If you are good in any software or online or internet marketing or article writing, go and register with any of the freelancing websites. getafreelancer, fiverr and upWork are some of the popular freelancer websites.

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