Network Marketing Benefits :
There are many benefits of Network Marketing (NM) especially for people who wants to work from home for an extra source of income and most importantly with freedom. Different NM companies provide different benefits starting with monetary part. If you don’t like to be an employee under someone from a regular boring 9 to 5 jobs, you can have a look at this concept.

Monetary Benefits – Higher Earnings : 

Robert Kiyosaki and lot of financial advisers says “The amount of money you can make in a job is always limited, unless you make money on some patents (read it as passive income)”. Every person has 24 hours of time and has limited human effort. You don’t have 4 hands to work even if you are extremely ambitious to make money. The best thing to make huge money is leveraging other’s time and effort. NM concept is completely based on that. The more you “leverage” or “duplicate” yourself, the more money you can make.

No Time Constraints – Flexible Schedule:
This opportunity allows you to make your own schedule. Ofcourse, the more money you want to make, the more smart effort you have to put. With MLM/NM, you are not confined to particular scheduled of 9 am to 5 pm or you don’t have any swipe in and swipe out. You can plan your vacations, your work timings and sometimes the place you want to work from.

You are the Boss of yourself
This factor is one of the main reasons why most people love this concept. You are your own boss. No office politics. No restrictions. You decide your worth. You decide your appraisal. You have a freedom. Again, like in any field Freedom comes with Responsibility. You are Responsible for your success and your failure. No one to blame.

Opportunity to Grow Personally :
This business is not about joining people and making money from them. Its about creating a team and leading it. So, you have lead yourself first to lead others and hence needs a regular activity to grow personally. This is where people fail. Most people wonder why people in their team are moving out. They don’t realize that its them and their personal growth which attracts them and stick to the team.

It gives a tremendous opportunity to grow personally, to understand people, to understand market. Almost all network marketing companies provide sufficient trainings  for the same for almost negligible fee which otherwise may cost hundreds of dollars outside.

Risk Free : 
Most companies requires few hundreds of dollars as investment and hence your risk is loosing the same in the worst case. However, if you want to start your own company you have to invest millions of dollars and anything wrong can drag on to the roads. 

Win-Win Strategy : 

NMs/MLMs work on WIN-WIN strategy. The more money you make, the more money your sponsor/upline/introducer makes. Hence, they are ready to give any kind of help and hence provides cooperative environment. 

Traditional Businesses provides competitive environment, but Network Marketing provides cooperative environment.

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