Isn’t there really no future for bloggers? I mean blogging. You can still have chances to educate people as well as earn money from virtual platforms, but blog might no longer be a great place to reach a satisfying branding.  So, if not blog, what can we do next? What is after this long history of blogging? Will blogging meet its end of evolution? Or it might be just the beginning of something else?


To say that blogging is dead is not wise, as we can see it clearly that there is something else out there growing rapidly and insanely while still sticking on the magnificent ‘blogging’. We call it as vlogging or video-blogging.

Vlogging is still a rare term, but more than the word, the activity behind it is just breathtakingly enormous. You can see future big vloggers are lining up to reach for their own moments on Youtube. These young vloggers are pretty enthusiastic to share what they understand, what they can do and what they can give through personal channels which are surprisingly insightful and attractive for Youtubers.

From ads being played on their posts about ‘how to make a simple pancake’, these creative vloggers are granted million viewers and subscribers. As long as they can work that out consistently and uniquely, vlogging seems to not cease offering appealing profit to the vloggers.

Integrated Blogging System

Trust me, you cannot really rely on blogging as your only platform to reach people. If it is your blog the only weapon you have, no matter how great your content is and how clever you are in writing and arranging your posts, readers will find it difficult to find you.

So, there is a way you likely need to consider this time. Get all possible platforms to be integrated. That said, you get to equip your blog with video, Twitter, Facebook, and even forum to gather all your readers and make them stay.

Try to understand that the way you communicate with your readers is influential to your readers’ responses to your blog. Get those all relevant communication tools synchronized to optimize the quality of your main blog. Only then, blogging would not be dead sooner for you.

Yet, there are still so many potential way-outs for bloggers to survive with their skills. It is actually your job to find the perfect future medium for yourself.

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