Godaddy is considered to be one of the famous brands in the industry of domains, web-hosting, etc. Out of all the other brand names, GoDaddy is the leading registrar for domain name on the Web. Therefore, it is not really surprising that there are a number of marketers who remain curious about the affiliate program of GoDaddy. For those affiliates who are given an access to the actual kind of traffic, promotion of their services can definitely be greatly profitable. Here, in this guide, you will see different ways that can help you to earn money from GoDaddy Affiliate Program.

  1.  GoDaddy Domains : 

One of the easiest and simplest products that you can sell and can be promoted by the affiliates is the domain registration. Because of the fact that GoDaddy is considered to be the top of the list registrars, it gives the affiliates an access to a great customer base that is verified as well. Unlike a number of other such types of affiliate programs, the commissions to sales are not limited just from the new clients. Commissions can be earned in different ways; e.g. by giving reference to the registration of a new domain, referring sales on the renewals of the existing domains, etc.

  1. Coupon Codes by GoDaddy :

Because a great variety of products is offered by GoDaddy, the company encourages its customers to get its services repeatedly. This can also be done with the help of coupon codes. The best thing about it is that the affiliates are given an access to a number of such coupon codes that can be applied to any of the kind of services or products that are sold by GoDaddy. So the affiliates can earn money by advertising a coupon code and presenting it in such a way so that the repeated customers are attracted. At the time when the coupon codes are used for completing a purchase, a commission is earned by the affiliate. In this way, the affiliates get a very attractive way for referring the sales because the customers are supposed to seek updates about the coupons regularly.

  1. GoDaddy Website Hosting :

This is the most profitable service provided by GoDaddy for the affiliates if they promote it and bring more and more customers for the company. The standard commissions that are earned for the purchases of web hosting are mostly offered on monthly basis. If someone purchases a website hosting for an entire year, it is done by a coupon code and the rates of commission are supposed to rise comparatively.

  1. Affiliate programs offered by GoDaddy :

It is very easy and simple to become a part of the affiliate program offered by GoDaddy. In fact, there are a lot of people who become an affiliate of GoDaddy without knowing anything about it and earn great amounts of commissions.

Below are other ways to earn from GoDaddy. I shall explain these with more details soon.

  1. Miscellaneous products as well as services offered by GoDaddy
  2. Partner affiliate networks
  3. Advertising the GoDaddy products on your site or blog and earning extra money

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