Till now you may be considering your cell phone as a device that consumes money instead of making any. However, an interesting point to mention here is that you can actually make money from a variety of Android apps by making smart use of your mind. It is all about exploring the options that you have and coming up with an informed decision that can help you earn some hard cash.

You don’t have to do much – just open the Google Play store and download some of the genuine money-making apps and these will surely help you recoup some of the expenditures. I will highlight how you can make money with the help of the Android apps below.

7 Android Apps for Earning Money :

1. PiniOn :

You can use this friendly app for earning money using opinions and photos related to different kinds of services products and brands. The tasks, which this app asks you to perform and simpler so you will not have to get into bigger complications. You will also be provided the opportunity of narrowing your assigned tasks to specified addresses or other different kinds of book missions. It depends on your level of participation, the more missions you get more money will be earned it is as simple as that.

2. Freelancer :

This is one popular application, which can enable you to earn a decent amount of money in a convincing fashion. Keep in mind that with this particular app, you are not going to earn money straight away, but it serves as a good link when it is about finding jobs as this app basically acts as a medium between employers and job seekers. Employers have different kinds of projects and freelancers submit their proposals for that.

3. Quick Cash :

It is one of those apps that allow people to test newer apps as well as websites. In this app with 1000 points, you earn approximately $1. Once you reach the amount funds can be transferred to your PayPal account.

4. AppCahser :

It will be interesting to you as one can earn cash by testing different apps because this is all that AppCasher is about. You will get the opportunity of earning credit for installation as well as launching of apps and after this, you can convert these to gift cards that can be used for purchasing different items on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to this, you also have the option of transferring cash to your PayPal account.

5. CashPirate :

This is an app, which will change points into cash. Registered users can test these apps, get involved in different surveys, invite friends and play games here. $1 is equal to 1000 points.

6. Google Opinion Rewards :

With this app, you earn credit by completion of surveys. You will be notified at the time of the availability of a newer survey and by answering some simple questions you can earn some points.

7. MintCoins :

Instead of storing credit, you get the opportunity of earning cold cash. One can obtain coins by means of watching different videos, registering on websites, surveys, etc.

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