Contrary to a popular belief that Women are not good in money or investment matters, a recent research has proved that Women also excel at money matters. With proper education and support they can do better investments than men. Below are some of the important money lessons women can teach us – by David Tyrie [Merrill Lynch]

1. Information Gathering : 
Women and Men are very diverse when it comes to information gathering. Women naturally tend to gather as much information as possible before making any decision especially when it comes to investing while Men go with their instincts and guts. Primary reason being their confidence which could be proved as over confidence some times. Information gathering might take some time, but Women stick to this patiently to ensure that their investments are safe. They don’t feel inferior to see help from others to find more info.

2. Optimism : 
Optimism is an important quality when it comes to investments. Women perceive it differently. They don’t get hassled over short term profits. Women are less optimistic than men in many cases. This kind of behavior helps in rough market conditions like recession. A negative look at optimism is not all bad.

3. Patience : 
Patience is one best quality that most investors lack in. Women by nature are more patient than men. They spend more time on the portfolios, find out the best way of investing the assets and money. They naturally follow the Warren Buffet’s advice – ‘Don’t buy or sell stocks frequently. Wait patiently to understand the future of the stocks before taking a decision’.

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