USA Car Test Drive Offers and RewardsUSA Car Test Drive Offers and Rewards

Most of us want to try new cars and experience the drive at least once in a lifetime. But it is not at all affordable to everyone doing this with their own money. However, people in the USA, are among the lucky ones as they are getting free test drives. There is an option available to everyone to go for a test drive without spending a single penny.

Even what more fascinating is, that the companies are paying you for that free test drives, in the form of car test drive offers and rewards.

You might think that this can’t be true, but there are several automobile companies in the USA who are paying for your free test drives. Yes, you read it right. You can actually get paid to test drive cars.

There is a win-win situation for every car lover as they are getting an opportunity to drive the car they dreamt of plus there is a chance to earn some quick money and rewards too.

There are many automobile companies in the USA right now, which are offering this scheme and they are paying you by cheque, cash benefits, gift cards, and many more rewards.

If driving a new car fascinates you? Did you also wish to take a ride in your dream car?

If yes, then this deal will make its way into your life as it will fulfill your dream and give you so many rewards and benefits quickly as well.

You don’t need search all over the internet to find out which companies are running test drive promotions. Here is the list of one of the best Car Test Drives and the Offers and Rewards one can receive in the USA.

6 Best USA Car Test Drive Offers and Rewards in 2024

1. Jeep Wrangler

If you go to a test drive in this you will get benefits which include $50 Visa Prepaid, Walmart, or Amazon Gift Card. The code provided by them can be used for only one time. The offer is shown in one of their pop up ads. Ensure that your browser is not blocking the popups.

2. Hyundai

 This company is offering $50 Visa, Target, or Amazon Gift Card for the free test drives.

All you have to do is to visit the official website of the company.

In most of cases, the local dealership asks for the details and then redeems your offer associated with the free test rides.

3. Volvo

Volvo, most of the time offer limited-time deals and give $75 Nordstrom, Amazon, and Visa Gift Card for the test drives. 

It is easy to go for free test drives by simply visiting the website and choosing the deal given by them.

4. Subaru

These offers may vary from time to time as they are not fixed. But most of the time, they offer a $35 Visa Prepaid Card for the rides.

To test their latest cars, Subaru sometimes offers a $75 Visa Prepaid Card too. So you have to check the website frequently to get new and upgraded offers.

5. Fiat

For a long time, fiat has made a pact with Gilt. It offers $50 Gilt Credit on every free test ride booked with a website for their cars. 

If you get the coupon for the ride, you can go for any car associated with the company by following the norms set by them.

6. Gander RV

If you are in love with RV’s, cars then this offer is for you. As the company is offering a $25 Gift Card for the test drive.

But this offer is available in selected and limited places like, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, etc. So you have to check before applying for free test drives.

How to Grab Car Test Drive Offers and Incentives

To grab this opportunity, you simply have to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

1.  You must hold a valid USA-based driving license and be above 18 years of age.

2. You need to request your test drive coupon. It can be done virtually.

3. After that you have to show, the offer to your local dealership.

4.  If you do the above two things, then they will let you take the free test drives. They will also provide you a coupon that you can redeem and get exciting bonuses and offers.

Tips to follow for a good test-driving experience

1. Be ready: Finish all the paper works before going for the ride as it will make it easier for the dealer to redeem the offer.

2. Fulfil your wish: Choosing the car of your choice will make you fully aware of the car’s features which you can utilize if in life you choose to buy one.

3. Be flexible: The vendor, maybe on your free ride day will be busy with those customers who are coming to purchase cars. So make it flexible for them by making it clear that you can wait if that day is occupied.

4.  Stay calm: Always remember, that there is an option to decline benefits in the hands of dealers or vendors. To avoid this, try to remain calm and composed by behaving well with the other party.


If you are in the market to buy a new car or some extra money, then this deal belongs to you only.

As these automobile companies in the USA are paying you for free test drives in your dream car.

So, book your drive and go for a free test drive which eventually pay you back with rewards.

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