Whether you agree or not, Internet has changed our lives either directly or indirectly. More and more people are looking for opportunities to earn money online. Internet has provided many opportunities to earn through internet. It has opened up unlimited ways to market your products and services. 

Why You have to Earn Money Online?

We are living in an economy which is little unsettled and unemployment has become a main concern in many areas. The economies of even developed countries are unstable and recession is the word that makes our legs tremble. This can be a main reason why you should be looking for an online money making opportunities in part time. 

Even if you have a full time job, you can consider this as an extra income option as you can use this money for other expenses like purchasing a music player, going for a vacation etc.

Using online business you can decide how much money you want to make and the best part if you are the boss. There are many options and opportunities available for earning online. While some of them are free others require little investment to do a kick start.

The first thing that you want to do is set a goal for yourself. Understand why you want to do some online business. Do a little research in the domain you are a going to choose. Analyse the revenue part.  Once you are done with the initial analysis, forget about it and start working. You can hire professionals who can SEO and internet marketing for you till you get comfortable in that.

Have a happy earning money online !!

How to Earn Money Online Right Now !

The internet has become a stock home of thousands of “get quick rich” schemes. But most of them shuts down within few months, others really won’t make you rich quickly. However,there are few legitimate ways you can make it if you need a little bit of cash. These are not get quick rich schemes are scams. It needs little bit of work.

Sell your Books

If you have some books at your home which you longer need, you can sell them on www.TextbooksRUs.com. All that you have to do is enter the ISBN numbers of the books you have. The website gives you a price quote, you can add the books to the cart if you are satisfied with their offered price. Once you can accumulate $15, you can send the books to the address mentioned by them through a pre paid courier service.
Note: Choose paypal account to receive money quickly. Otherwise, you have to wait for many days to receive a check.
You can sell your books at half.com or amazon.com. But you have to wait for longer time to receive the confirmations and payments. You can choose these if you are not in a hurry. You are most likely to get better prices.

Other Side : You have to wait till someone is ready to buy the books you are offering. Also, you have to pay the shipping costs up front and wait till you receive your payments.

Sell your stuff

You can sell almost anything at www.craigslist.com . Look around your house – books, furniture, clothes etc. Mark it “for sale” under one listing or under “garage sale” category. If are living in a city with active Craigslists, you can expect money within hours.

Not just your stuff. You can sell your services too – web designer, babysitter, painter, etc. Stick to only legal services.

You can eBay for better prices. But it takes longer duration for payments. Also, you have to pay fees, pack your selling stuff yourselves and ship it. The normal duration to receive payments from www.ebay.com is 7 days.

Write for the Internet

If you have an experience of writting online, you can provide samples of your online work. Write for Demand Studios and get paid within few days. For each 400 words artcile you may get $15 and typically the payments are made twice a week – Fridays and Tuesdays via Paypal.

You have first apply for it, the approval takes 1 or 2 days. If you are selected to write from a list of hunderds of applicants, you can make good money from this. Ensure that you are following the specified guidelines, otherwise your article may get rejected or even your account may be deleted.

You can even write for ehow.com . But according to my personal experience Demand Studios pays far better than eHow.com .

How to Earn Money Online without a Website

One of the most common question people ask me is : “How to Make Money Online without a Website?” Although websites do not cost much – to buy the domain name and hosting it, it still takes some money to spend and most importantly you have write some useful content, market it and build links. Google will notice your content and then start send a bit of traffic to your way. If you are not ready to do that, here are some ways for you to make money online without a website.

Top 3 Most Profitable Online Businesses

Are you looking for ideas to start an online business to operate by sitting at home? After the wonders that Internet has created, many people are looking for opportunities to earn from home, free from boss and 9 to 5 boring jobs. Online businesses are becoming more and more popular daily as they do not incur much investment and are almost zero risky. Despite the fact that there are thousands of different online opportunities available on the Internet, we would like to mention 3 opportunities that generated lot of revenue for a lot in different parts of the world.

1. Flipping a website : This is just like a real estate property. You can buy a website, build it with good content and can sell it off after a decent traffic. There are also some webmasters who purchase a website or blog though it has a huge volume or traffic. Then they add their own design, enhance its value and attract more traffic by building a subscriber base to enhance the value of the website. Read How to Make Money Online without a Website for some tips on how to make money online without creating a website.

2. Web hosting and reselling : Every one who has a website or wants to earn online using a blog medium needs a web hosting account. You can create your own servers and rent the hosting space to the people who are interested in hosting their websites. You can also act as re-sellers and earn a percentage of sales.

3. Review Sites : If you have knowledge of various topics and has the capability as well as interest of writing some good articles you can make some handsome money from this. You can write in any area like childcare, credit cards, business issues and even about choosing an apartment. If you can write some niche articles which can attract lots of readers you can earn some good commission money.

4 Ways to Earn Money Online without a Website 

1. Sell a Domain Name

Investing in domain names is a great step to make money online. Flipping of websites is just like an ‘online real estate’ business. You buy a domain name which could be of demand in the market and sell them off. Visit www.flipwebsites.com for more information on this. All that you need to get started is a good idea on the popular keywords and a credit card.

2. Get Paid to Write :

AssociatedContent, eHow and Helium are the websites that shares revenue for the articles you write. If you can write well, quickly and easily this is the best way for you to make good money online.

3. Simple Tasks on Fiverr

The new bread of “microjob” websites are becoming popular now a days. This allows people to outsource their small jobs to other people for very small payments. For example paying bills online, downloading photos from website etc. Fiverr is considered the best among these websites.

4. Help a Student

If you are good in one or two subjects you can become a “virtual tutor”. Help a student to solve his homework problem and get paid. eHomeworkHelp and StudentofFortune are two good websites in this context.

More Ways to Make Money on Internet

There are many ways to earn money using Internet. In fact, Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are happening across the world. Let us see few ways on how you can make money on Internet without or very less investment. 


DropShipping is a business technique where the retailer do not keep the goods in stock, but transfers the orders from customers and shipping information directly to the wholesalers. The wholesalers then ship the goods directly to the customers.

For example, some customers have ordered for shoes of certain company. You would buy the shoes from that company at wholesale price, inform the manufacturer about the order and shipping details like address etc, and collect money from the customers. The retail price minus the wholesale price is your profit.

www.WorldWideBrands.com is a website that helps you in doing the research to find what people are more interested to buy online and also helps you on how to do it with tips.

Sell a Service

Are you a consultant or programmer or writer? If so, there are some good freelancing websites available which provides you access to lot of customers who are looking to save money rather than going to big companies. www.Elance.com is one of the good websites for this.

Sell your Old Goods

There are some websites through which you can sell out your unused stuff on internet. It could be your old books, mobiles, computers etc. Also, you can login to www.ebay.com and sell the products what customers are looking for. It could be old or new. If you don’t have stock of new products, then you can have a tie up with your nearest wholesaler and take the margin as profit.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is no longer an unknown business for many, however, the growing supply of products and services through digital media opens up a huge range of possibilities to join. Affiliate marketing emerges as an extremely interesting alternative for people who want to work with sales on the Internet, the affiliate acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyers, earning a commission on the sale. In this way you can manage to generate passive income at least once you do the initial work.

  1. You try a product or service that you like and that you detect fits with your audience.
  2. You promote that product or service through your platforms or according to your strategy.
  3. You earn a commission for every purchase made from your affiliate link.

Youtuber, Instagrammer, Tiktoker

Although here come my least favorite ideas, that’s not why I should stop naming them, right? It is not possible to deny the increase in content that is generated on the different platforms and the people who have been able to take advantage of it, even in very lucrative ways. 

If you are an expert in a niche and it is easier for you to be on camera, surely this is your thing. The generation of digital and especially viral content has led to success for many people with different niches, from professionals to famous “influencers”.

Don’t take for granted the effort it takes to consistently generate content and grow your community enough for this to truly be considered a source of income. But my reflection is that if you feel that you have great potential to reach people through your content, try to do it consciously and provide real value to those who see you. In the end, the basis of society and our life purpose is to contribute a grain of sand to all those we reach. To become a better youtuber you must gain more subscribers on YouTube. For this you will need to adapt and post more consistently 


If you have enough capital for a good web development and a series of products or services that you can offer, setting up an online store can be a good way to reach more people. Ecommerce refers to internet commerce, based on this, it is a broad concept that encompasses different business models. You should investigate which one is right for you and what you want to offer. Among its advantages is that you can have a greater scope and independence for operations, reaching more people with lower costs than a physical establishment would require.

How to Earn Money on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media ‘professional’ networking site. The site has a tremendous database of around 80 million members in more than 200 countries. Lot of professionals are willing to connect through this than any other networking sites like Facebook or Orkut for professional purposes as this fastly growing website provides greater security and almost no spamming.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn for Earning Money

This website is recommended for business or professional purposes as it provides authenticity and security when compared with lot of other websites. While other normal social networking sites allow each and everyone to join, this site is exclusively for business and working professionals. You can also find contacts and groups that are better organized.

Earn Money from LinkedIn

Making money from LinkedIn is mostly like doing with any other websites but the advantage here is you can directly reach the target customers. You can also avail different memberships (paid or free) for your business communication purposes.

1. Create your own network of professionals and groups who are interested in your products and services. Write some small articles about the uses and advantages of it. Even if you have only 400 members and the turnout ratio is just 1%, its a profitable choice for you.

Remember, if they are satisfied with your products or services they would recommend you to other friends in their list (2+ network) and it grows on.

2. If you don’t have your own products or services you can write an e-book and sell it to your networking group members. If you could write it in a better way, you could get repeated and recommended business too.

3. The third option is to sell your stuff. You can ‘recommend’ some used books or watches or bikes/cars to your networking group.

Get Paid To Watch Movies

Movie assignments are one of the funniest ways to earn extra money in free time and also see a movie for free. Most of the cities in America has these movie assignments and there are several types of these that allows you into the theater.

Trailer checks

This is normally not an undercover assignment. You will be assigned to watch a specific movie and check all of the trailers and advertisements before the movie begins and during the interval duration if any. You will be asked to give a feedback on the quality, message received etc. Most of the managers allows the checkers to remain in the theater and see the film even after the trailer check has been completed.

Audience Reaction checks

Most of the studios are interested to know (rather they have to) how their marketing department is successful in making the movie trailers or advertisements. In that case, you need to keep track of each movie trailer and advertisement and the reaction from the audience. Some types of assignments requires you to categorise the audience reaction based on gender, age etc.

For example, if the movie trailer is on a kids film you need to check response of the audience who are below age 15 and see how they react. Is the trailer creating enough enthusiasm in them and can pull them to theatres or not?

Seating capacity checks

The studio heads or distributors may want to have independent count of the patrons who are visiting the theatre on any given day. They may be paid per movie screen or paid per hour, depending on the company. This can help them in understanding the flow and turn out ratio of the audience which could in turn help them in arranging the required number of seats, stalls etc.

How to Earn Money from EBay?

Ever wondered on how poeple earn good money from Ebay? Do you know that majority of them do not sell their own products to earn that good money? Keep reading, you will discover the secret on how to earn handsome amount fom EBay without any investment in any kind of products.

1. EBay Affiliate Program : Register for EBay affiliate marketing program which is free of cost. If you have blog, post the affiliate links on your website. Otherwise  post the links on your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. Create a fan page in Facebook and keep updating with good posts. Once you get good followers to the page, start posting links referring to good offers available on that day – you can earn good commission when people buy from your link. This is a good way of earning income by referring people without selling.

 2. Sell Like Items at Same Time : Most of bidders look for other related items in your cart they might be interested in buying. Because combined packaging saves money for them. It also saves time and money for the seller too.

3. Bundle a less Desirable Item : Bundle a less desirable item with a most desirable item. This is an old auction technique which works well even in the latest times. If you are offering an additional item to the same item what other sellers are offering, there is a greater chance of bidders going for yours. A simple psychology of ‘why one when I getting two’.

4. Understand the Profit Margins : Yes, understanding the profits margins is very important. Don’t buy anything resell for a very less or very high profit margins. You may not want to resell something for just 2-5% profit margin which might not be your time and effort worth or you may not want to resell with 80% margin which may not lead you more customers.

4 Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook without Investment

There are millions of people who are wasting their time posting the not so necessary status messages, sharing photos and chatting on Facebook now while you are reading this useful article. Congratulate yourself first for that.

Why Facebook for Online Earning ? 

Facebook is a sensation in social media. With over 527 million daily users and a total of over 900 million active users, Facebook is now available in 70 languages.Over 300 million photos are being uploaded every single day to the site. Hence, Facebook has become a real money making machine for many people especially for the advertisers.

The Facebook IPO is expected to turn over 1000 individuals into millionaires in few years. Let us have a look at the people who already became billionaires in a short span through this company.

Let us see what are the different ways you can earn from Facebook in your free time without investment and without disturbing your full time profession.

1. Facebook App Developer :  If you have skills to develop online applications you might want to develop some interesting rather useful Facebook applications (like Graffiti, SuperPoke, Warbook etc) or you might want to promote your services to companies who might want their own Facebook applications. There are some companies who pays you handsomely if you could develop according to their needs.

2. Facebook’s Market Place : You can buy and sell the old stuff in the Facebook’s Market Place. You can sell your used books, used mobiles and other electronic stuff. You can also search for a job here.

3. Classified Ads : You can post your classified ads in the Facebook based on the location and the relevant profile. If you don’t have your own ads, you can post others ads and get percentage share on the sales done.

4. Earn from Facebook Pages : Create a page in Facebook. Post good articles/topics frequently. Once you get a good number of fans/likers you can start posting ads or other affiliate links. You can earn good commission of up to 35% for some sales (yes, I am earning 30-35% for some sales while 10% is the most common percentage I get). The challenge lies in how well you can involve your audience in the topics you post. I am getting 70% of my online earnings through this step. Give a try – its FREE.

Earn Money by Selling Photos Online

Do you know that you can upload your photos to websites and can get paid every time your photo is used?  If you are an aspiring photographer and can take some nice snaps, this is a very good option for you to earn good money. You can use some stock websites and earn money every time someone downloads it or buys it. Not to mention, you will get more money if someone buys it, rather than a free download.

There is a very good demand for photographs in the web, especially for fresh and new concepts. You can upload any kind of photographs (complying to lawful acts) including commercial, professional, nature etc.

All that you need to do is register with one of the stock websites and upload your photos. You can also create your own website and sell the photos too. The advantage with your own website is you can decide the price of the photo and no need to pay any percentage share of your earnings to anyone. But, you need to create a beautiful and customizable website for this.

The trick in selling online photos is in marketing them. You can share the links in your social networking websites like Orkut/Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc and can drive the traffic.

List of Photo Stock Websites :

Below is the list of websites that pays you for uploading your photos.

Big Stock Photo

Shutter Point


Ensure that you have done enough research on the above websites before choosing the best one for your photography and good commission.

How to Make Money on Bing

How to Make Money on Bing: Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world, only next to google.com. Bing is from MicroSoft and hence you can expect credibility and quality on its own way. It is changing the way the search engines do work and also making a lot of noise.

If you are an Internet marketer, you would be interested in knowing how you can use this Bing wisely as there are lot of people who are using google to make money (using adSense, adWords etc), the future is expected to be of Bing’s. You can take the first movers advantage and can make wealth out of it.

Ways to Make Money using Bing:

1. Bing’s AdCenter : Bing’s AdCenter is the same as Google Adwords. If you have a product or a service, or if you are an affiliate marketer you can use Bing’s AdCenter. Since the Bing’s AdCenter is new compared to Google’s adsense, it is better to get in now and do your marketing or advertisements before all other competitors come in which is not too long. You can become member by paying a $5 fee and can use this amount for campaigns later.

2. Write Articles about Bing : There are less number of articles about Bing when compared to Google. But, at the same time the number of people who are looking for information about Bing is huge. Write articles about Bing and get thousands of page views to your website/blog (if you want to know how to make money from these page views, read my previous articles).

3. Bing CashBack : Using Bing Cashback, do Shopping on Bing, see which products are eligible and receive mails from them on your savings and purchases.

Make Money with Bing – Real or Fake?

I have been reading a lot of articles on how to earn money from Bing. Unfortunately most of these are not really useful. Making money with Bing or Microsoft is a dream for many network marketers as they expect better returns from this world’s most expensive company.

MicroHoo – Microsoft deal with Yahoo has raised hopes for many people on Internet but they are proving to be below their expectations.

If you are an internet marketer or online business owner, there are two ways you can take advantage of Bing.com

1. Advertise on Bing : Bing also has their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising program, similar to their competitor Google’s Adwords. You can advertise about your business, company, products/services. Opening and account costs just $5. The deposited amount can be used in multiple times according to your requirement.

2. Bing Adsense : If you are a website owner and looking for ways to earn good money from Bing, you can join the publisher program by Microsoft, display their ads and get paid. This is again similar to their competitor Google’s Adsense. But unfortunately the registration is presently available for US participants only. We can expect it to spread across the world in near future.

As far as I think Bing is not even near to Google when it comes to advertising and opportunity to make money from them. If you have more ideas you can share them here.

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