The early investors and founders of X (Twitter) are not the only ones who made fortunes of this micro-blogging platform; thousands of individuals and businesses have created new revenue opportunities with this powerful social media platform. 

X (Twitter) has gained more than 350 million users since its launch in 2006. Most businesses use Twitter to be in touch with consumers and give them tweets about product launches, deals and other news. This also helps them in understanding the trends – what people like and dislike. If you are a smart user of Twitter, you can use this social media platform to make good money. You should be good at marketing (yourself and others) and staying in touch with current events and trends.

Thanks for a great response to my previous article 4 Best Practical Ways to Earn Money from Facebook. In this article, I am going to share you few ways on how to earn money online with X (Twitter).

☞ Why Twitter is a Good Option ?

Ever since the X (Twitter) was launched in the internet it became a super hit in very less time. There are millions of people who are using twitter from different countries for different purposes. It gives you an option of sharing your thoughts in 140 characters. The biggest advantage with tweets is people will ‘follow’ you (your tweets) and gets instant notifications (retweets).

When you get more and more people follow you, it means your post can reach more people. There are few ways on how you can use your twitter ‘following’ to earn good money.

☞ Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the world’s most lucrative ways of making money online if you are serious about it. Affiliate Marketing is a way of referring someone’s products and earn commission from every purchase some makes through your referral link. Affiliate Marketing if FREE and simple to implement as well. The challenge is to build audience who trusts your references. Depending on the following you have and the kind of people who follows you, you could source the affiliate products from sites such as ClickBank, Amazon, GoDaddy etc. Generally this is done as a recommendation, i.e. ‘so do you like own a website ? click here : ‘ 

☞ Sponsored Tweets

Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities make millions by posting the promotional tweets about some companies. There are some companies who are ready to pay the popular tweeters for promoting their products and services or to write about their company for promoting their brand. For this, you need to have a very good following and should be a popular person in a specific area. MagPie and SponsoredTweets are two of such websites which can sponsor your tweets.  As I mentioned in the introduction, you need to be good in marketing yourself and marketing for others. Many common individuals became social media celebrities by posing some great content with consistency. You also can do that. You can be a super start of Twitterwood.


☞ MyLikes is an extensive ad platform that can be used on Twitter to earn some good money. There are thousands of advertisers available in this network and you can choose the category you like. You will also have an option to schedule the time to post their advertisements. You can earn as much as 42 cents (over 25 rupees) for each click. They pay on weekly basis.

☞ Crowdsource

Crowdsourcing has been a marketing darling for years especially in social media. Crowdsourcing is a process in which you can contribute your ideas and obtain contributions from investors or common people. Twitter had played a great role in crowdsourcing from past few years. Crowdsourcing can make you lot of money if it is done correctly. Do good amount of research about crowdsourcing before attempting to start your first project. Read Earn $1000 per Month from YouTube 

☞ Sell Your Own Products/Services

You can sell your products or services on Twitter. Promote your crafts, eBay auctions, Flipping Websites etc on Twitter. Use this platform if you are a seller on Flipkart or Amazon. Twitter is also widely used by book writers, artists and other creative people to promote their work to their followers. Many aspiring actors use this to show case their acting skills so that they can be noticed by film industry biggies which may help them in grabbing a movie opportunity. Use the platform to develop relationships and develop partnerships to sell your work.

☞ Final Words

Don’t always run behind making money in Twitter. Twitter is community focused platform. If you are not funny, engaging or interesting, you will lose followers and brand name. Always use a certain ratio of ‘normal’ tweets and ‘money making’ tweets. Don’t flood your account with Tweets. Understand what your followers are following you for. Gain trust first. Help people in giving more details wherever possible. Watch your language and never go for a fight with anyone. Wish you all the very best !

Which idea do you like most? Do you want more details on any of the above methods? Comment below.

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