Flipkart Affiliate Marketing – An Overview

If you are into affiliate marketing, you must have heard about the affiliate marketing program from Amazon which is one of the best affiliate marketing programs available. You must have also tried out eBay affiliate marketing. Though Amazon and eBay are great programs and are available for the Indians, it would have been better if something specific to Indian audience is available which could increase the click rate. Flipkart Affiliate Program is one of the best answers for it. Flipkart which is being considered as the Indian amazon is doing good business for the past couple of years in online shopping. It has rapidly expanded from books to various categories and products. It is one of the best choices for Indians to shop online in India.


Flipkart Affiliate Program Basics :

Flipkart affiliate program is simple and similar to most of the other affiliate programs. If you have a website that produces good traffic, place the flipkart affiliate links in that. When someone clicks on those links and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission. It is FREE to register. You don’t have anything too loose but only to gain in monetary terms.

Flipkart Affiliate Tools :
There are three kinds of affiliate tools provided by Flipkart now.
1. Product Links and Banners
2. Multi Product Banners
3. Search Banners

Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates :
Flipkart.com pays the commissions based on the type of the products sold via the affiliate links. These commission rates are updated on a monthly basis. The referral rates when I am writing this are as below :
– Books : 10%

– Mobiles Tablets & Accessories 4%

– Cameras & Accessories : 4%

– Laptops & Accessories : 4%

– Sunglasses – 8%

– Clothing – 8%

– Watches – 8%

– Baby Care & Toys – 8%

– Bags, Wallets & Belts – 8%

– Ebooks – 15%

– Footwear – 8%

– Fragrances, Beauty & Personal Care – 8%

– Gaming – 8%

– Home & Kitchen – 8%

– Audio & Video – 4%

– Music, Movies & Posters – 8%

– Software – 8%

– Sports & Fitness – 8%

– Stationery – 8%


Payment Methods :
Affiliates are payed on one of the below methods.
1. Electronic Fund Transfer – Minimum due is Rs. 2500/-
2. Gift Voucher – Minimum due is Rs. 250/-

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