Hello, hope you are doing good. I am a senior software designer working in United States for a top IT firm. Hold On! I am not trying to ‘convince’ you here to join the Amway business. Keep reading with an open mind. If you think this is smart idea, then carry on. Else, please post your opinion that all the readers would know including me why my opinion might be wrong.

Discount on Amway Products in India with Free Membership :

I am sure you must have heard of Amway before either for a good reason or for bad like millions of people across the globe including me. You must have heard about some successful business people who made millions of money or about some people who couldn’t make money at all even after investing some money and time. Every one who has minimum knowledge about the company and products say that Amway products are of best quality but are little expensive.

If you are ready to use such awesome quality products I am going to share you a smart and simple task through which you can get up to 41% discount on all Amway products in India without selling to any one or investing anything (yes! with flat zero investment). Lets see why and what you can do with this. If you have any doubt in mind that if Amway is a scam, then read my other article Is Amway Scam?

There are 2 Ways to get Good Discounts on Amway India Products. To get Life Long 21% discounts and monthly promotional offers read my other article Join Amway Free. That article shows you step by step process on how to get become Amway Preferred Customer with images. It also talks about the details of the program, advantages and disadvantages.

If you are not interested in this life long option then keep reading for other ways.

1. FREE AMWAY Membership :

Amway was charging between Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 8,000/- to start your own business (to get an IBO id). They were giving products kit of your choice worth that much money. So you never ever had no problem. However, if you are not ready to investment even that money, you are still welcome. Amway is now offering FREE Membership. No more annual renewal charges.

2. Amway Products Discounts :

Once you get your free membership user id and password, you can login into Amway India website and do shopping like any other e-commerce websites. You will get flat 20% discount on the MRP of the products. If you have to pay any service tax on the products, it will be shown there.

You can add the quantity of products you want and pay online, the products gets door delivered within 1-3 days. Get good quality products and hence good quality life. Remember that Ordinary People Buy Cheap. Smart People Buy Smart.

3. Extra Discounts on Amway Products:

The third step will help you save or even create more money. You may try these steps.

i) If you have any friends or relatives who are looking for Amway products (Amway is world popular for health & food supplementary,  skin care, home care products etc) you can sell those products to them. As you are getting 20% discount on the products and you sell them on the MRP you can save good money on each product.
ii) You can get cash back/commissions depending on the total amount of purchase you make per month.

The percentages in terms of rupees are as below

Business (Rs)Commission Rate

Below is the picture chart of how much you can earn per month.

I am making a business of 1,20,000 rupees every month and getting very good money into my bank account (deposited directly by Amway company). This is white money and you will get Form 16 from government every year (not a scam like others). So you don’t need to worry about the legalities of it.

How to Make Good Money Like Me? : Simple. Do the first 2 steps explained above and teach your friends to do the same so that you and your friends get money from all three steps. 

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If you have any questions post them under comments section. I will answer them.

Wish you all the best. Have a good day !

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