Diwali also popularly called Deepavali is surely the most celebrated festival in India irrespective of caste, religion, and region. Crackers, sweets, and gifts are most common on this day. People gift things to their loved ones on this day to share the joy.

Earlier, people used to gift sweets to their loved ones. But with time, the kind of gifting items are changing rapidly. More and more people are giving gifts which would last long so that they would remind about the person who gifted it and hence the relationship could become stronger.

Below are the latest gift ideas for Diwali in this technology-driven generation.

1. Watches

The person must already be having a watch. But, it is always beautiful to gift a watch because most people love to wear different varieties of watches especially when they go out. They would like to show that to their friends and explain how and where they bought it. They would feel proud to tell their friends if it is gifted by their loved ones. It also increases your reputation in their social circle. It also reminds you frequently whenever they looks at watch for time.

Best Watch Brands

There are multiple brands available in the market. Casio, Fastrack, Titan, Timex, Fossil are the top brands and fastest selling watch brands in India. It is always better to go for such good brands when you want to gift it which should be there for years as a symbol of your love.

I would recommend you to search for watches online because you can look at hundreds in watch models in few minutes, filter them based on your requirements like price range, brand name, watch type etc. Otherwise, you have to take your vehicle, put fuel, hit the traffic, go shop after shop and spend hours to filter out what you actually want.

2. Hand Bags

If you are searching a gift for a woman, a good handbag is a lovely option. Women love handbags. There are many jokes on what and how many tons of things women carry in their handbags. Unlike men, women carry lot of things with them when they go out. Whatever they buy for use when they go out, they keep everything in handbags hence would love to choose a good and long lasting bags.

They need good, suitable, fashion and comfortable handbags whenever they go out. They also feel it little emotional as women hold their handbags tightly in their shoulders most of the times. Even if they have enough handbags at home, they are always open for a new one especially to showoff to her friends circle.

You should consider her body structure also while buying a handbag. If she is petite and short, choose small handbags that works well with her outfit. Selecting big handbags will make her look smaller. If she is tall and slim, avoid small bags. Go for bulky, mid size and larget handbags that will be best suit for her structure and stature. 

3. Books

Lot of people love to spend their time reading novels or personality development books. If the person falls in this category, gift him/her with some latest novels. If you are gifting novels, it means you are gifting pleasure. If you are gifting personality development books, you are gifting stepping stones for his/her future success. Remember, books many a times opens the doors for personal success. Your Diwali gift can be a reason for that.

4. Games

Gaming is an addiction for many people these days, especially children. Games sharpen the minds and helps in making quicker decisions in life. Games enhances creativity not only for children, also for adults. You can gift either games or gaming consoles or gaming accessories. PSPs are becoming more popular in the present generation. The best thing about gifting games is they last for longer period while sharing fun and enhancing creative angles in the person.  

5. Beauty Accessories

Beauty accessories are one of the best things you can gift to a woman. Almost every woman in this world wants to look better and hence searches for beauty and makeup items in the market. You can also gift beauty accessories to men also as beauty accessories doesn’t only mean makeup items. There are multiple categories of items available viz., skin care, eye care, foot care, fragrances, deodorants, men’s grooming range etc. There are some special gifting items available, wrapped beautifully in different shapes in these categories.

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