Webinar marketing is essential for every B2B business. This is especially true after the coronavirus pandemic. Most businesses have moved their in-person events to a virtual environment.

Webinars will help you in building a personal relationship with your customers and your audience. It will help you in answering the objections of your audience. In this article, we are going to share the best Webinar software that you can use for your own webinar.

Best Webinar Softwares 

The top webinar software will help you in easily inviting, conducting, and recording webinars. You don’t even need technical skills for conducting online webinars. The right platform will provide you with all the tools that you need for hosting webinars.

1.    Demio 

Demio provides a simple user interface to its users. It is a perfect marketing tool that will help you in generating good results. Demio is the easiest tool for you and your audience. Your audience can easily join your webinar. This will help you in having a higher attendance rate.

Demio features:

  • You can conduct interactive polls to engage with your audience.
  • Users can send private messages to the event coordinator. They can also send public messages to everyone that is present in the webinar.
  • You will have a branded registration page for promoting your brand.
  • The analytics section of Demio will help you in checking your webinar performance.

Demio Pricing:

Demio has the following three pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: This plan starts at $34 per month. It is perfect for small business owners who want to get started with webinars. You can have up to 50 audience members in this plan.
  • Growth plan: This plan is $79 per month. It will give you access to automated tools, custom branding, and more tools.
  • Business plan: This plan costs $163 per month. It is perfect for companies that need a bigger room size.

2. Webinar Ninja 

If you are looking for an all-in-one webinar solution, then Webinar Ninja is perfect for you. Webinar Ninja will do all the work for you. You don’t need to worry about going through complicated IT processes. 

Webinar Ninja Features:

  • You can create a webinar in 5 seconds.
  • It will help you in tracking your webinar stats.
  • You can create a high-converting custom landing page.
  • Your users can use the chat feature for interacting with you. 

Webinar Ninja Pricing:

Webinar Ninja has the following four pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: The starter plan will cost around $39 per month. You can host unlimited automated and live webinars. It will allow you to have 100 webinar attendees.
  • Pro plan: The pro plan will cost around $79 per month. It can support up to 300 webinar attendees.
  • Plus Plan: This plan will allow you to have 500 webinar attendees for $129 per month. It will allow you to create webinar summits and series.
  • Power Plan: This plan will allow you to have 1000 webinar attendees for $199 per month. You will get access to all the features that Webinar Ninja is offering.

3. GoToWebinar 

GoToWebinar is a veteran player in the webinar software space. They are one of the most reliable service providers in the market. GoToWebinar is hosting more than 3 million webinars every year and has more than 50000 customers. If you are looking for professionalism, then this is the perfect webinar software for you.

GoToWebinar Features:

  • You can host a wide range of training sessions, meetings, and live events.
  • You can use an interactive whiteboard for collaboration.
  • You can share apps and files with your users.

GoToWebinar Pricing:

GoToWebinar has three pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: This plan will cost you $104 per month and it supports up to 100 attendees.
  • Pro Plan: This plan will cost you $239 per month. This is the popular package of GoToWebinar. It supports up to 500 attendees.
  • Plus Plan: This plan will cost you $539 per month. It is perfect for companies that want to conduct large-scale webinars. You can have up to 1000 attendees in your webinar.

4. Zoom

2020 was the year of Zoom. Most people were working from home and using Zoom calls for doing their work. Zoom is perfect for video calls. However, it is still lacking when it comes to webinars. You won’t find good marketing tools on Zoom. Your audience will still easily join the webinar as they already know about the Zoom platform.

Zoom Features:

  • You can engage with more than 50000 attendees.
  • Excellent analytics and reporting. 
  • You can stream your events on Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and other streaming sites.

Zoom Pricing:

Zoom has the simplest pricing category. You will get all the features in all plans. Zoom offers features like HD recordings, in-webinar chat, Q&A, and screen sharing to its users. 

If you want to have 100 attendees, then you should start at $40 per month. The plans go up to $6490 per month for 10000 attendees. Zoom has covered all the webinar size options. Thus, it is a perfect webinar platform for every business.

5. Zoho Webinar 

Zoho Webinar will help you in engaging with large audiences. The best thing about Zoho Meeting is that their plan starts at $15 per month only. Thus, they are the most affordable webinar platform on this list.

Zoho Webinar Features:

  • Your users can easily join webinars from Android and iOS devices.
  • You will get in-depth reports and analytics.
  • Reminder emails will be sent to your attendees.
  • Application and screen sharing are supported.

Zoho Webinar Pricing:

Zoho is a suite of software tools. The Zoho Webinar is a small piece of this suite. However, you can also buy Zoho Webinar separately. There are Zoho Webinars and Zoho Meetings available. Zoho Meetings will help you in conducting internal meetings also. Webinars will help you in conducting webinars for your general audience. The plan starts from $15 per month only. If you want up to 250 attendees, then you can go for the $63 per month plan.

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These are some of the best webinar software applications available in the market. The choice will ultimately depend on your business needs. Thus, you should check out all these tools and try out free trials first.

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