Best Clock in Clock out Apps for BusinessBest Clock in Clock out Apps for Business

Time management is one of the important factors that need to be taken into account for your business growth. As an employer, you need to monitor your field workforce and know their attendance logs and work status every day. These are the key contributors to your business growth. Any business, small or large, irrespective of the domain will need a proper automated system for tracking the employee’s working hours.

A customized app that provides you notifications of your employee’s attendance with the location in real-time helps you to keep track of your employee records. Also features like geofence ensure the location of your employees is taken to your attention. These apps are now available even on mobile phones where you can get all the required reports in just a few clicks.

We help you with the list of the best clock-in clock-out apps. Let’s take a deeper look into their features as well to find the right fit for your business.

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1. Lystloc

Lystloc is one of the best and most affordable apps when it comes to tracking your field employees. The attendance feature records the location from which an employee is signing in along with the work plan for the day. The unique features of the app are as follows:

  • Lystdata – This unique data architecture records all your employee attendance details and provides you in the form of emails at regular intervals.  With this feature, you would be able to know the employee’s total working hours, breaks, leave patterns, and the average login time.
  • Geofence- Now you can also set location restrictions for the employees. If you set the geofence for a few meters, they would be able to log in/log out only inside that location. Employees can also set a reminder to log in once they reach the allotted location.
  • Work plan – Setting a work plan for the day means the work is half done, isn’t it?! Lystloc has a separate space for entering your work plan at the start of the day and work status to be entered by the end of the day.
  • Biometric authentication – There is also a fingerprint authentication feature available to ensure the reliability of the attendance.

Apart from these features, there is a status option where the employee can set the lunch, breaks, and meeting schedules as per their calendar for the day. Thus Lystloc helps you with all the attendance details and makes it easy for you to assess your employees during performance appraisals too.

So without a doubt, Lystloc tops the list of best clocking apps for business.

Sign up at now for a free demo and there is a 14-day free trial option with all the features available.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another application that helps you manage your remote workforce with the following features:

  • Time tracking: This feature helps you to monitor how much time your employees are spending for completing a given task.
  • Online timesheets: Hubstaff provides accurate timesheet data which helps you in client billing, payroll processing, etc. It also allows you to ensure employee productivity and reduce their idle time.
  • Geofence tracking: Helps to streamline the work of employees in a given day with customizable features for each user. GPS-based tracking and reporting are also enabled in Hubstaff.

Integration of Hubstaff with various applications is an added advantage but the users complain there is difficulty in using their features and getting support.

3. FieldEZ

FieldEZ has different products based on the company type such as enterprise, FMCG, and small and medium-sized business(SMB). Each product is customized with particular features to suit their business requirements. The major features include:

  • Leave & Attendance tracking – This standard time punching (in&out) feature is used to record employee attendance and maintain it over the period. It also provides real-time insights for fuel reimbursement calculations and employee leave status.
  • Time clock management – The job scheduling for the employees can be done based on the total working hours and their current location.

Comparatively, FieldEZ plans are priced a little higher than the other prominent apps like Lystloc which makes it go down in the list.

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4. ClockIt

Attendance monitoring and time tracking are the major features of this app which is available as a web and mobile application as well. The advantage of this app is

as follows:

  • Time tracker – This helps in calculating the total working hours of an employee and time spent on a particular project.
  • Geolocation & Geofence – ClockIt’s geofence feature allows the business to set location restrictions for the employees.
  • Attendance tracker – This dashboard is available in the app and can be viewed anytime to get information about the source of punching (web/app) and they also have a biometric time clocking option.

ClockIt has four different types of pricing depending on the team size and API integration is available only for larger teams. Also, there is no task management feature in ClockIt which is a major drawback.

5. Spotio

Spotio is a sales engagement and mapping software that helps business owners to manage their sales team effectively. It also allows integration with your CRM, thus synchronizing all the reports. The main features are:

  • Activity management – Spotio allows you to monitor and track your employees’ activities like calls, messages, and client visits eliminating the excess time required for manually updating your moves.
  • Location tracking – Finding your employee’s location is made easier with GPS tracking and reporting facilities.

Spotio is built exclusively for B2C and would not suit the requirements of a B2B business. Also, the dashboards and mapping features cannot be customized for the users, which is less appealing.

Summing up

Clocking apps for business are not just meant only for attendance but also need to be a complete solution for maintaining employee records. They should be available anytime to get insights for client invoices, employee performance appraisals, fuel reimbursement, etc. The management using the app should be confident in time management and client satisfaction. Considering all these factors, Lystloc will be the best fit for your business growth and employee productivity.

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