There are several businesses that take help from the employer of record in Singapore and outsource services that provide full-time recruitment and HR management services. However, there’s also a digital solution to this problem.

HR software will help you in managing, optimizing, and automating your HR tasks. These systems are generally cloud-based and follow a subscription model. You can easily integrate them with your existing applications.

The market for HR software is very business and it has something for every business. It is important to find the system that best addresses your requirements and priorities. We have created a list of the 7 Best remote HR software solutions that you should use in 2022. These tools are suitable for both large and medium-sized organizations. You will find talent management, core HR, and important HR tools in these software solutions.

Best Remote HR Software Solutions in 2022

HR software tools perform multiple functions but there are certain tools that only focus on one feature. You can choose between full-suite tools and standalone tools. The choice will ultimately depend on your business requirements. 

ADP Workforce New 

ADP is mostly known for its payroll services. However, they also sell a Human resource information system that offers all the HR software tools that you need for your business. It is an all-in-one HR suite that you can access through the internet. ADP Workforce new has HR management, benefits, payroll, learning and analytics, and talent management. 

These tools will help you in managing your employees efficiently. You can add more functionality according to your business needs.

Key Features:

  • ADP is the leader in the payroll field. 
  • They are offering a perfect all-in-one platform that will help you in managing all HR functions.
  • You can easily integrate with other 3rd-party applications.
  • Data compliance and security solutions. 


Deputy is an HR software solution that will help you in simplifying scheduling, facilitating employee communication, assigning tasks, and managing timesheets. This platform will help you in tracking attendance. You can export the timesheets for managing your payroll. Deputy will also help you in ensuring that you are following the labor laws. It will help you in managing time off and reducing your labor costs.

Key Features:

  • You can integrate it with other third-party applications.
  • The mobile app will ensure that you can manage your schedule from your device.
  • Labour compliance tools will ensure that you are staying compliant. It will help you in managing wages, meal breaks, and hour laws.
  • It will help you in managing your employee’s time.
  • Capture timesheets by using Deputy and automate your payroll.


Paycor is a perfect tool that you can use to automate your entire HR process. It also includes a pulse survey tool which you can use for keeping in touch with your employees. Most of the Paycor customers are generally SMBs. Thus, it is a perfect tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Paycor can also support large organizations with more than 1000 employees. 

Key Features:

  • Your HR team will get access to the best HR tools. 
  • Configuration options will help you easily maintain your systems.
  • Offerings are customized according to the business vertical and size.


BambooHR is offering cloud-based HR tools to SMBs. If you want to upgrade from old spreadsheets, then BambooHR is perfect for you. It will help you in managing your employee data throughout the employee lifecycle. You can use this software for managing people data, onboarding, hiring, culture, and compensation.

Key Features:

  • You will get access to performance management, time tracking, payroll, and employee management tools.
  • It offers offboarding and onboarding capabilities.
  • It will record employees’ data and help you in managing workflows.
  • Analytics and reporting.

Workday HCM

Workday HCM is a cloud-based HCM software. It is a part of Workday products like Workday Learning, Planning, Payroll, and Recruiting. It will help you in managing your workforce and improving your employee experience by giving them access to a self-service knowledge base.

Key Features:

  • Analytics and real-time reporting.
  • It will help you in simplifying payroll and time tracking.
  • You can use Workday HCM for human resource management, knowledge management, and talent management. 

Ceridian Dayforce

The Ceridian Dayforce is competing with the ADP workforce when it comes to features. They are offering a payroll system to customers. Ceridian is constantly improving its product by seeking input from the customers. They have invested heavily in expanding their products to other countries.

Key Features:

  • They have a very simple UI.
  • Ceridian has already perfected the process of managing your test and staging environment.
  • You can integrate Payroll with Dayforce’s attendance functions. 


Workable offers recruitment and automation tools to businesses. These tools will help you to quickly hire new employees. Workable is using automated and AI-powered tools for sourcing candidates for your business. They will help you in streamlining your hiring process. 

Key features:

  • A mobile app that you can use for recruiting from anywhere.
  • Self-scheduling interview links.
  • Advanced referrals system

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The best HR systems are very important for modern organizations. They will provide flexibility and support to your employees. Best HR systems will help you in ensuring that your employees are engaged and productive. There are multiple factors like support to ease of use that you should consider before choosing any tool. You can experiment with these remote HR software tools for finding the best HR software for your business. 

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