Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019
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Apple iPhone XR vs. iPhone X Which Is Best

In the technology era of today, Apple phones are getting a lot of popularity nowadays due to their extravagant features and specs. The company is known for manufacturing smartphones which are equipped with high-end specs and features. Recently, they have introduced two new iPhone mobiles by the name of iPhone X and iPhone XR. Both […]

3 Tips to Buy Best Smart Phone

Smartphone can do everything today. Individuals depend on them for everything and think of them as a crucial part of daily life. Looking for a smartphone can be intense; there are numerous components, bearers, and brands to browse from. Customers should consider their needs, spending budget, scope, and liking when getting another smartphone. From economical, […]

21 Secret Android Mobile Apps For Improved Productivity

21 Secret Android Mobile Apps for Improved Productivity

Almost every one of us leads busy, hectic lives. There are many tasks that we must get done during the day, or we must pay the consequences, by answering to our boss, spouse, even children, pets, and friends! But those basic day planners you buy are simply not enough to help keep track of our […]

World’s Most Powerful & Unbelievable Phone – Coming Soon

It may not sound so realistic for most gadget fanatics, but it seems like it’s really coming to our reality. The TRI or Turing Robotics Industries has given us signs that they are coming real soon with their newest and grandest futuristic phone. The phone is wrapped with scrupulously-manufactured features which may be hard to […]

7 Reasons to NOT buy iPhone 7

There is nothing so special about the iPhone 7 that people should spend $700 – $800 on buying it. There are many reasons for it, which you will come to know as you go through this article where we will elaborate the reasons why you should not go for this phone. As you all know […]

10 Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Deactivate “Last Seen” Time stamp : If you want to disable the “last seen” time stamp for privacy concerns, you could easily disable it on your mobile device. For iPhone users, got to Settings – Chat-settings – advanced. Here, you can deactivate the last seen time stamp.For Android users, you won’t need to the above setting […]

Tips and Tricks that will change how use an iPad

Ѕhоw thе bаttеrу реrсеntаgе tо sее ехасtlу hоw muсh јuісе уоu hаvе lеft Ѕоmеtіmеs іt’s hеlрful tо knоw ехасtlу hоw muсh роwеr уоur bаttеrу hаs rеmаіnіng. Yоu саn sеt іt sо thаt thе рrесіsе реrсеntаgе dіsрlауs nехt tо thе bаttеrу іndісаtоr bу nаvіgаtіng tо Ѕеttіngs > Usаgе > Ваttеrу Реrсеntаgе. Маkе surе thе swіtсh іs […]

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