1. Deactivate “Last Seen” Time stamp : If you want to disable the “last seen” time stamp for privacy concerns, you could easily disable it on your mobile device. For iPhone users, got to Settings – Chat-settings – advanced. Here, you can deactivate the last seen time stamp.For Android users, you won’t need to the above setting using the application itself. Rather, you’ll need to rely upon third party applications like “Hide the WhatsApp Status” which turns off your data connection or Wi-Fi signal the moment you launch WhatsApp. The application automatically reactivates your connection after you close WhatsApp.


2. Backup & Restore Chat : The app makes auto-backups of each of your chat, however you could do it manually as well thru Settings – chat-settings – chat-backup – back-up now. For Android, go to settings – chat-settings & then tap backup conversation for creating your backup. But, this will not back up the media content. Hence, you’ll require a file manager for copying the folder in SD card > WhatsApp > Media.


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3. Shortcuts

For Android users, you only need to long press upon your desired contact/group. Once menu appears, press Add Conversation Shortcut.

For Apple users, there are a few 3rd party apps for this like 1TapWA.


4. Hide your WhatsApp Pictures from Popping up in the camera roll or gallery

For Apple users, got into settings, then privacy, then photos in order to turn it off.

For Android users, you’ll need to add a. nomedia file-type in video/image directories of WhatsApp. This can be easily done using ES File Explorer. Go to your video/image folder, press new button towards the lower left side, select the file, add a file & name it nomedia.

5. Substitute your old WhatsApp number

Simply visit settings – Account – change the number. Fill the required details and hit done. Finally, verify it like you normally do.

6. Chat Heads

You can easily customize the chat heads on your app, in order to have particular notification audio, chat head color & LED colors for your contacts. However, the application will require a root access for this.

7. Lock it

You can easily secure all the texts and other media from prying eyeballs using apps like WhatsApp Lock for Android users, and Lock for WhatsApp for BlackBerry users.

8. Messaging Stats

The app also offers info for metrics like the most active time of your top groups’, contacts, etc. The app offers this info thru visualizations which anyone can understand easily.

9. Receive important notifications on your computer

Pushbullet seems to be a good choice. It has notification mirroring & several other exciting features, however in order to have all the notifications onto your desktop, try out Desktop Notifications.

10. Get WhatsApp on Tablet PC

First of all, get the latest version of the app. Then download SRT AppGuard and install both. Launch AppGuard, select WhatsApp, then hit monitor. Next, disable phone status & identity present under the Phone calls section. Use your landline in order to receive the 3 digit verification code. Enjoy WhatsApp on tablet.

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