Why you should Invest in Stock Market? The answer is simple – for Profits. Yes. Like any other investments you have to invest in stock market for only profits.
But, let me clarify your questions on why stock market is a viable option for investments. Share Market for many people is a gamble game. But in reality this is far from that. Stocks are also good investment option that can give you huge returns if invested meticulously. There are many other factors that makes stock market a good option of investments. Stocks can give great returns that no other asset class can give. All that you have to do invest wisely.
You can choose to do delivery trading or intra-day trading and you can trade in derivative segment or a cash segment. You can also get various choices in these. You can invest in dividend stocks for long term gains and enjoy the dividends or you can invest in growth stock for rapid gains. The best thing about stocks is you can choose any of these alternatives or a combination of them as per your budget.
Online trading has changed the face of investing completely. You can do the trading sitting at your desk by a single mouse click. Also, in online trading no paper work is required and no need of brokers. All that you need is fair enough knowledge on investing. Also, the online brokerage is very less when compared to the offline brokerages. To be precise, the online trading has made the stock market a profitable proposition to the individual investors.
Also, the internet shows you the quarterly and annul reports that are very helpful in doing research for judge the financial situation of the company to invest. The stock exchanges have become more transparent after new regulations and monitoring authorities at place.
Just because somebody lost money in stock market doesn’t mean that it is not profitable. Understand that when someone is loosing money, someone else is gaining it. It takes homework and smartness to be on the profitable side.
Use your common sense. If everyone looses money in stock market (or in case of any business), it wont be running for these many years. Do not take free advises. Do your own research. Invest smartly.
And remember – To be Successful in Stock Market, you have to take Calculated Risks

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