How to write a plagiarism free content. In this guide we define 5 tips to write plagiarism free content.

Plagiarism or duplication is considered as stealing and how can it be advantageous for your blog?

Keep it in your mind that some things are not meant to be ignored either you are writing a blog or writing some other document.

And uniqueness is one of them like you can never ever ignore the factor of uniqueness in your content so, you need to take every step for removing plagiarism.

The first thing or we can say that the benefit of using unique content is, it can increase your credibility and you can easily gain your reader’s trust.

Why Unique content is important:

If you are going to use plagiarized or copied content then it cannot be beneficial at all and you can surely lose your reader’s trust.

And once you lose your reader’s trust, it can be really difficult to regain so, you need to be focused on your content uniqueness.

Most of the people may still not be clear about how they can write unique content and that’s the reason we are writing this guide.

After following these tips, you will surely get well-written and unique content whether you are using it for the internet or some other purpose.

So, let’s have a look.

5 tips to attain uniqueness in content

In simple words, we can say that if you are writing your own words or your ideas, you are ultimately getting free from the charge of plagiarism checker.

And then you don’t need to follow any step that can help you remove the plagiarism but still, it is needed to make your content better.

We are going to share some useful tips that can surely help you in attaining uniqueness in your content and these tips are listed below.

1. Start early

Most of the time we start writing at the last minute and in that scenario, we cannot write something with all the uniqueness and accuracy.

Keep it clear that uniqueness is not the only thing to attain, you need to be accurate and authentic while keeping your content unique.

Don’t stuff the information that is not relevant to your product or anything about which you are going to write.

So, get back to the point!

If you start early, you can have more time to research on more than one source and then you can be able to attain uniqueness and accuracy as well.

But if you literally start at the last minute, it can really be difficult to write anything unique.

2. Use online tools

We have seen a variety of tools available on the internet that are specifically designed for writers and fortunately, they are readily available.

The second thing that can be an attraction about these tools is, most of them are free and you don’t need to pay for them.

But we are talking about which tools?

First of all, when it comes to uniqueness, we need to use plagiarism checker for highlighting duplication, and then some tools can be used to remove that duplication.

We are specifically talking about removing or avoiding plagiarism so, the tool that is used to remove plagiarism is known as paraphrasing tool and article rewriter.

By using these tools, we can easily remove plagiarism in no time and that’s what we need.

3. Give credits

An example of giving credits is, you copy something from Forbes and you want to use it as it is on your blog, you can simply mention Forbes right below where you use that text.

It is very simple and important as well. It is not wrong to say that it can be an important factor to gain the trust of your audience.

There are many ways of giving credit, you can use these different approaches according to the intent and flow of your content.

4. Use quotations

As we mentioned above that plagiarism checker is used to highlight plagiarism and there is no other way to check uniqueness.

So, when you are using a quotation and a good plagiarism checker then the checker will ignore the text written in quotations.

It is not wrong to say that quotations are mostly used to define that you copied that text as it is from any outsource and you want to let your readers know.

There are many statements and research that cannot be changed and we don’t even change a single word of that statement then, what can we do?

Simply, you can go for using quotations and you can also write the name of the original write right after the quotations.

5. Add a reference page

If you are not willing to use quotations or use citations then you can simply add a reference page to your content.

Same as the other tasks, there is more than one option to this job like you can add a page at the end or you can add references side by side.


It is pretty obvious that unique content is needed especially when you are writing something for the internet.

So, it is really important to attain uniqueness and there are many advantages of using unique content. First of all, our preference is to gain traffic and rank higher in SERPs and it can only be possible by using unique content.

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