Hey there! Hope you all are doing good. We have seen many new and aspiring websites start and end quick only due to lack of organic visitors. In our 10 years of experience in this industry, we have learnt one thing for sure i.e., ranking good in google is more of a marathon then a quick race.

Still, with google having more than 200 different factors for its ranking mechanism, its hard many times to understand what to do and what not to. In our today’s article, using our experience, we have picked 7 such points which if done consistently, will provide you assured results.

1. Go for Quality over Quantity

A single quality post is more powerful than a 100 simple posts, I know it sounds very dramatic but let me explain it with some google norms. 2 of the main SEO ranking factors for google are ‘user engagement time’ and ‘spam rate’.

They are both dependent as well as opposite to each other. The more the user stays or interacts with your content, the better the ‘user engagement time’. If you had a clickbait title to grab some audience, crowd will come but they will bounce of your website quicker too.

If google finds that more users are bouncing off your website within few seconds, they will start rating your website under spam, thus increasing your spam rate.

Thus, a quality post will not only find better success on google, but it will also help you enter the good books of google. This will help your whole website on longer run providing you steady and regular audience growth.

2. Include internal and external links

The use of internal linking to your other posts on your website not only helps your audience to stay more engaged on your website, but also, if used properly, you can also guide people to the post you want more engagement. In Google’s point of view too, it is considered it as a plus point.

External links (link to other websites) on other hand can help you improve social relation with other websites and helps you gain their trust. Although it doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO, using external linking, you can help provide a value factor when you reach out to other websites for backlinks, digital marketing statistics in Singapore.

3. Include photos

Photos, gifs, illustrations leave a positive impact on your audience providing them visual aspect for engagement. It attracts more people to your post and interest them more to further read the post.

From ranking point of you. Having at least 1 image for a post is a mandatory rule. Google’s visual search has also gained a lot of traction lately and having an image will also help you rank good in Google’s visual search.

Although making authentic images may seem a point of distress, but there are many illustrations and royalty free image websites like freepik and manypixels which you can use and find a best suitable image for you in just few clicks.

4. Plan for Keyword and write the content around it

A keyword is a main synonym word which represents the content of your post. Keyword is the word which google will use to actually consider your post for ranking for any user searches. If the user search has the keyword, Google automatically lines your post for further ranking procedure. Keyword thus can be stated as the entry pass of any post for ranking in google.

One of the biggest mistake people do while writing a post is to write the post first and then search out for keywords. This method limits your choices and many times, you may end up using a keyword which is not the best suited for your post for good ranking. It is thus easier to first search for good keywords and write your post around it. If you need, you can keep a strict theme for the keyword to make sure you are not diverting your post from your original idea.

Due to the level of importance of keyword in search ranking, it is among the most competitive factor. Finding a keyword with higher volume and lesser competition is the end result you should lookout for any keyword research.

In order to search for this right keyword, there are many tools like Semrush, ubersuggest, ahrefs. Although most of these tools are paid, for people who are just starting out, they can use Google trends to find trending topics and keywords.

5. Increase backlinks

Backlinks are the links to your website on other people’s websites. This are generally references given by another website of your website. Backlinks are among the least manipulative factor in SEO and thus, it is also among the biggest factor to rank your website better.

In backlinks, the type of link, website which is providing your link, other website’s reach and audience etc. also matters a lot. If for example, you are running a fashion blog and you earn a backlink from a huge news outlet like HuffingtonPost, it would be considered inferior then getting a backlink from a lesser-known fashion-oriented website.

It is thus important to target your field specific websites to earn backlinks.

6. Improve Page speed

Moving towards more technical aspect of websites, one of the important ranking factors is page speed of your website pages. It is really important to make sure that each of your page loads quick and not just the home page.

According to google ranking factor, any loading speed below 3 seconds is termed as good page speed. This should be taken as the benchmark for your website and achieving speed less then 3s should be your ultimate goal for at least 90% of your pages.

Some of the great page speed measurement tools which you can use are google pagespeed insights, Pingdom, gtmetrix etc.

At times, achieving good page speed can be complex but some of the easy and important tricks which can actually help you in it are:

  • Use images with smaller size
  • Use simple fonts on your post
  • Try to link your video from external source rather then uploading and displaying the video
  • Use server level caching

7. Make an email list

Email list is the list of the emails of your regular visitors. Making such list is specifically important as it helps you to reach out to all your visitors whenever you have new post on your website. You can use a small newsletter form on your website to collect their emails.

Using Email list, you can increase genuine page visits to your website with minimum efforts. The increase in page view will also help you rank better as Google tends to give post with more genuine visitors better ranking.

It is a win-win situation for you as the users you are reaching out to are all of your old loyal visitors which will thus increase the mail conversion rate. It will lead to more page visits as well as better ranking on google.


With this, we conclude our 7 points to rank you higher on google. We hope our list would have helped you clear some of your doubts and provide you more clarity on points to focus. If you have a WordPress website and you are looking for some SEO tips, you can also go through this following post on SEO on WordPress . If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them in the comments section.

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