Everybody likes to make money nobody will say no but the ways they make money will be different from others. Few work harder in their job, few invest, few do business but these are traditional means of making money but in the digital world you are given numerous cost-effective ways to make the money you want. All you need is to find the ways and apply it correctly. I have written so many articles on making money online but this article is somewhat close to my thoughts and deeper.

Being in real estate industry for close to three years and in online real estate marketing for one year I understood how it drives a revenue and how others are making money out of it. This article will give you detailed steps to start your freelance business from online real estate portals.

☞ Quick Stat:

75% of home buyers are going through online portals in their search journey and only 25% are searching outside internet world like newspapers, billboards, agents and other outbound mediums. This 25 % are not active internet users and the number 75% is also expected to raise sharply in upcoming years due to cheap internet cost and device.

The influx of people from rural to cities in search of better jobs increases the need for properties in cities and in the neighborhood which in turn drives builders to build more. More than a sale rental property seekers are more in the developing cities.

Online property portals are playing a crucial role in helping property seekers to find the right property and it stops there they won’t involve in transactions. To be simple online portals are mere advertisement portals they generate leads for sellers never monitor transactions because they cannot put a separate team to monitor the transactions it needs different skill set and none of the online portals are into it.

So how we can money from online portals. I am not going to tell you something new but guide you how to do it cost-effectively. Unlike other online money making ideas you cannot make bucks by clicking or referring your friends here you need to present physically and of course, you can make some good commissions based on the deal. The investment required is also affordable by an average salaried professional. Spending four to five hours in a weekend is sufficient to build a decent business and in long run, you may quit your full-time job and will dive into it 24×7.

Earn from Real Estate Portals

☞ What to do?

As said online portals only generate leads not prospects, here you can involve, nurture the leads, close the order and take your cut from the promoter. In any metro cities, the commission for sale is 2-3% of deal value for example if you are selling 1cr property your cut is 2lakh, lucrative isn’t?

☞ How to start this business?

Hope you have sniffed exactly what I am talking about, yes I am taking about real estate agent business but in forthcoming decades it will be called channel partners and not as agents. Many IT professionals are doing freelance in real estate with the help of online portals. Starting this business is very simple. All you have to do is to find and do a contract with property owners or developers.

☞ Where to find right developers?

Again, you can find them on the online portals itself just contact the property of your interest on portals you will get their contact number from there you can take it forward.

☞ What is the commission rate?

Actually, this depends on your city or locality and the budget you choose, higher the property value lower is the commission percentage.

☞ How to generate leads for the property?

Once the deal is finalized with the developer collect the property details and post it on online portals with your contact details. Most of the online portals are giving one free listing for a login-id but that is not sufficient for you to post your properties you just call the leading portal’s sales guy and purchase more number of agent or dealer listings. There are options like 300 listings ( maximum you can post 300 properties at a time) for the duration of 6 or 12 months and the price falls between Rs.10,000/- and Rs.20,000/- its cheap isn’t? Once you posted your property online you will start getting leads, nurture the lead and take them to site visit.

☞ How to manage the site visits being a full-time employee in a company?

You need not worry about this because most of the people looking for property in cities are also working class like you so they won’t take leave to visit your site. Ideally, they will come on weekends which is also a holiday for you so it will be easy to manage and close the deal.

☞ How to expand your business?

Simple, approach more developers on portals, buy more listings from portals, generate leads and start your own real estate business.

☞ Precaution tip:

While choosing a property don’t choose crores because any online portals out there cannot generate leads for property worth more than 3crore so avoid these luxury items they need different treatment. Choosing a property between 40lakhs to 1cr will give you a good return on investment. This is how you can make use of real estate portals to make money on weekends.

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