It’s pretty intriguing to find some people beguiled by a paradoxical modern concept which has actually been created and used by themselves. That said, what they are complaining about is what they provide to their own lives. Somebody out there would call this phenomenon as ‘irony’.

Well, let’s just cut this off so that we could bring you to the core issue. And that is about Amazon’s latest hit called Amazon Echo, a hands-free speaker that also performs as Intelligent Voice Control System (IVCS). It enables this gadget to receive voice commands and ease your life performances.

Yet, Alexa (the wake word of Amazon Echo which also becomes its nickname) comes with services that might put users’ privacy and security at risk. In order to clarify the truth, here we get you more details about Alexa’s work system.

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How Alexa Works :

Once you see Alexa’s physical characteristics, it is not hard for you to recognize it as a single wireless speaker. Shaped like tube in black, it is built with seven super-sensitive microphone installed under the blue circular light at the top part. To activate its voice command feature, you have to precede your request sentence with ‘Alexa’.

That also said, Alexa is always on standby in order to listen to your voice commands anytime you need it. Does it ring a bell with you? While it’s in standby mode, Alexa is always listening and processing your voice, no matter how noisy its surrounding is. Thanks to the seven microphones planted in the machine, you do not have to yell to be heard by Alexa.

Yet, Alexa only keeps audio recording in the last 60 seconds. It indicates that every 60 second, new audio is replaced with the newer one.

What Upsets Users

Both users and non-users are somehow worried by Alexa’s performance which listens and records any sound and voice in its surrounding. They are afraid of their private conversations to be misused and even hacked. They assume that their data will be easily stolen by bad guys, so that they come up with a notion that Alexa could be dangerous.

While in fact, it is not. Alexa is not dangerous, and so are other technologies. But it may be you, yourselves, to whom you should be worried about. The way you let yourselves exposed to public is the thing which is dangerous. Only you who have the capacity to reveal your profile on virtual realm, not Alexa.

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