WhatsApp is considered as the top messaging app all over the world and it is available on most of the different mobile platforms. It is supported in Java, iOS, Blackberry and Nokia. It has record of having 750 million active users all around the world – still the highest number. This amazing messaging app has taken a step forward with WhatsApp Web. Now its users can continue their chats in their PC or desktop or any other devices which has the ability to run Chrome browser. This allows you to chat with your phone as well as in your computer. This gives an ultimate user experience in bigger screen.

WhatsApp web actually runs on any devices which supports chrome like browsers like Google Chrome and Opera also. So if you want to run WhatsApp in your PC then your device must have these browsers. WhatsApp web simply lets you avail your chat in a bigger monitor and nothing else. As it runs on internet browser so there is less issue of compatibility with different devices. But you need your smartphone to be connected to the internet also. That is if the smartphone has no connection with the internet then the WhatsApp Web will not work. So active internet connection to your phone is required.

You cannot create a new account with WhatsApp Web so it is not a standalone app. The main aim of this application is to allow their user to chat in a bigger screen other than their smartphone. So if you are sitting beside a desktop or laptop go ahead enjoy your chat in a big screen and with a dedicated keyboard in hand. Those guys who are tired of typing in those small keypad in your smartphone WhatsApp web will allow you a cross platform to chat in using your PC.

There is no need of downloading a separate extension for WhatsApp web – all you need to do is open the link in chrome browser and scan for the QR code with help of the option present in your mobile WhatsApp application. You can also connect with multiple computers. click here to know 4 Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook without Investment 

Advantages of WhatsApp Web:

1. The only big advantage of using WhatsApp Web is that you have a bigger keyboard for typing and a bigger display for better experience of chatting. If you are a real chat addict then you might prefer a faster typing which is very limited in a smartphone touch screen keypad.

2. You can download any of the files which you receive in your account from friendly users. This makes you download the best multimedia files in your computer.

3. You are allowed to remotely logout from browsers.

4. No compatibility issue as it runs in a browser.

5. No need to download the app or any other softwares/extensions.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web:

1. You have to keep your smartphone connected to the internet always if you want to access in computer, which is quite a big disadvantage. This could be a disadvantage for users but a feature which helps Facebook (who owns WhatsApp now) to continue the domination of WhatsApp mobile app – a business trick to earn more revenue.

2. With WhatsApp Web a user cannot create a new group for chatting. This is again a big blow to their users.

3. Another big disadvantage is that the user cannot change their account’s profile picture or cannot update new status.

4. Supported only for Chrome browser, not for iOS

5. You cannot create a new account with WhatsApp Web application which is possible only through app

Apart from the above disadvantages of WhatsApp web application, I personally found that it is convenient and helpful. Try it out. Its free anyways ! If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money from YouTube read my opinions at Want to Earn Money from Youtube? Click here to read

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